The 60-year-old actress has ventured into the fashion industry and has teased she will launch a Winter fashion range for the forthcoming festive season, which will include knitwear and jumpers with humorous slogans emblazoned on them, and will be sold at Lord and Taylor later this month.

Speaking about her collection to, the ‘Sister Act’ star said: “I love what we call an ‘ugly Christmas sweater.’ I have been wearing them over the years on the show. I once said to my work partner, ‘Maybe I should design some ugly Christmas sweaters,’ and he told our friend Gary Wassner [CFDA advisory board member], who ran with the ball.”

The award winning star – who has received the Best Actress Golden Globe for her role in ‘The Colour Purple’ in 1986 – has hinted she had never intended to create as many garments for her nine-piece capsule, and was surprised to learn she had swiftly designed 14 items.

She explained: “The next thing I knew, I designed 13 and 14 of them.”

And Whoopi – who began designing Christmas sweaters eight years ago – has revealed she has continued with the line because she “likes” them.

Speaking previously, she said: “They’re fun and I like them.

“It’s just how my mind works. I think of odd things all the time and I think ‘Wouldn’t that be fun to wear?’ I think they will be fun to wear.”

And Whoopi has admitted she wants to continue to create more designs in the future.

She explained: “If they let me, yeah! I think it could be fun because there’s a lot in my very twisted brain.

“I want to get into eyeglass design and probably sock design because I love my socks as well. I’m very slow at everything so we’ll see how well this does and if it does as well as I’d like it to maybe they’ll allow me to design more things and maybe they’ll be [sold at] other places as well.”

– Bang Showbiz

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