The annual Cannes film festival took place on the 17th May-28th May.

The 10 day star studded event takes place in Cannes, a resort town on the French Riviera.

With a star studded event as big as this one, the red carpet is privy to some pretty big stars.

But the main man that got the whole island talking with his shameless flaunting of various women is non other than self proclaimed sex addict, Scott Disick.

The 34 year old “Lord” actually admitted on an episode of KUWTK that he’s “…a f*cked up, horrible sex addict.”

Kudos to you Scott for owning your sh*t.



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Anywaaaay… Scott hit Cannes up with a bevy of beauties supposedly to make his ex Kourtney Kardashian-who is mother to their 3 kids- jealous.

Which probably didn’t work out because Kourtney was in Cannes herself with her new bae, Younes Bendjima…

is at the gym while you eat a Hot-Dog.

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He wasn’t with ONE but 6 different girls!

And he was not subtle about it either…

Seeing that it’s Friyay!

Here’s your week summed up with each one of the Lord’s girls:

Sunday: Bella Thorne

You feel a bit sad because the weekends officially over but you still want to hang on to that last little bit of the weekend…

Then it gets to bed time and you realise that you have work or class the next day and you feel overwhelmingly sad but there’s nothing you can do about it so you just sit there and let it be…

Monday: Chloe Bartoli

It’s Monday and you feel a bit down and all you need is a little pick me up…

This could be in the form of a cup of coffee, a smoke break or someone literally picking you up.

You go on to feel a little bit better but then some people get all up in your personal space and your Monday just gets worse…

Tuesday: Maggie Patrova

The week has barely started so you just sit around and reminisce over the weekend…

But then you’re like, “Sh*t! Who am I kidding it’s only Tuesday!” and jump straight back into how you were previously feeling.

Wednesday: Ella Ross

Wednesday is the middle of the week so you’re caught smack in the middle of a week and weekend but not quite there yet so it just leaves you feeling like this…

Thursday: Sophia Richie

It’s Thursday and that’s one more day till Friday so the feels are real!

But you’re still having a work day and that feeling slowly gets snatched away.

The work day ends!

And you feel the weekend creeping closer and slowly sweeping you off your feet…

Friday: Chantel Jefferries

The weekend is finally here!

And this is how you’re most likely feeling…

The work day comes to an end and you know the weekend is going to be LIT!

You feel so joyous and over the moon that you don’t even have to worry about your bra slipping off as you storm off home to get your night started…

And there you go…your week summed up by Disick and his babes...


-Zuhaa Isaacs

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