Durban socialite Zodwa Wabantu would not be deterred by “a hater” who tried to get her banned from attending the Harare International Festival in Zimbabwe.

“My booking is not cancelled and all my travel arrangements remain the same,” she told our sister paper the Sunday Tribune.

This comes after reports that the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority had cancelled her invite to perform at the carnival following comments by a Zimbabwean actress, Anne Nhira, who reportedly complained about the hiring of South African performers for the event when there were many Zimbabweans who were capable of doing the same job.

“Zodwa dances with no panties and posts naked pictures on social media. How does that qualify her to be a Zimbabwe national tourist attraction and to attend a function of the highest stature this year?” she wrote on Facebook.

She sparked a social media storm this past week when she claimed that Zodwa’s invite had been cancelled. Many accused Nhira of hypocrisy as she had worked in South Africa numerous times without anyone complaining.

“That woman is talking rubbish; my invite has not been cancelled. In Zimbabwe, it’s where I will be on September 7, I will not be stopped by her jealousy driven complaint.

“She is not the one who invited me in the first place,” Zodwa said.

Zodwa hogged headlines for wearing revealing outfits and going vajayjay alfresco.

Her dress at the Durban July drew national attention and boosted her brand with many event organisers booking her for appearances. .

“I don’t even know why she sticks her nose in my business instead of focusing on herself.

“There are many Zimbabweans working in South Africa, why should it be an issue if I am invited to perform there?” said a fuming Zodwa.

She said, should she meet Nhira, she would confront her. “I would love to have a word with her about this. She is just jealous of me. She must work hard on her acting career, maybe she will end up making more money like myself,” she said.

There were also reports that Zimbabwean authorities had requested that Zodwa wear underwear when she performs at the carnival, a demand which they have apparently backtracked on.

However, Zodwa said she would not change her signature look, which is short dress with no panties, because she would lose a lot of money.

“I told them if they want me to wear a covered outfit and panties then they must buy it for me because I don’t have any. I won’t change my look just for Zimbabwe, I have so many people who admire me and book me because of my look, should I change that I’ll lose a lot of money over one gig. I can’t risk that,” she said.

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