Falling asleep might be a challenge for people struggling with insomnia, anxiety or stress.

With everything going on in the world, mainly the pandemic, even people that haven’t struggled with sleeping in the past might be experiencing some difficulties right now.

According to Healthline, poor sleep can have negative effects on many parts of your body and brain, including learning, memory, mood, emotions, and various biological functions.

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There are plenty of hacks online that promise to help you sleep. From exercising to not having any screens in the bedroom when it’s about to be bedtime, there are numerous tips available.

A popular way to fall asleep is by listening to a podcast. Some people already rely on nature sounds or white noise to help them dose off and podcasts work just as well.

We have curated 10 of our favourite podcasts that will help you fall asleep easily.

Phoebe Reads a Mystery

True crime podcast fans know Phoebe Judge from her popular show Criminal.

People fell in love with her soothing voice on the podcast, which led to the birth of ‘Phoebe Reads a Mystery.’ Unlike Criminal which focuses on stories about crime, which probably wouldn’t help you fall asleep, Phoebe Reads a Mystery covers classic mysteries in an effort to help you doze off to Judge’s soothing tone.

On a Dark, Cold Night

With over 150 episodes On a Dark, Cold Night promises you “spine-chilling yet soothing ghost stories.”

An unusual combination, but the podcast is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Apple Podcasts making it a go-to for horror lovers struggling with insomnia.

Stories from the Borders of Sleep

This podcast has been helping people fall asleep since 2011 with host Seymour Jacklin sharing his own original stories that will take you “on an imaginative and thought-provoking journey.”

Each episode of Stories from the Borders of Sleep lasts 8 to 18 minutes and is paired with a sleep-inducing soundscape or background noise that aids in helping you doze off.


This podcast is perfect for those that enjoy listening to classic stories or novella’s that are available on public domains.

Every week the host Otis Gray reads out the stories, basically previewing great pieces of literature on your behalf.

Boring Books for Bedtime

Boring Books for Bedtime curates readings from science textbooks, home appliance catalogues, and other sources of tedious content because nobody said bedtime stories are meant to be entertaining.

With hour-long episodes, listeners have enough time to settle down and doze off before an episode ends.

RecipeZZZ for Sleep

This mouthwatering podcast will put you to sleep by sharing recipes from cookbooks that are available on public domains.

Every episode includes detailed instructions for baking cakes, pickling, preserving fruit, and other culinary tasks which will surprisingly put you to sleep in no time. You can also find a few episodes that will help with your breathing and mediation.

Sleep Whispers

For all ASMR lovers, this podcast features nearly 200 episodes of whispered audio.

Hosts share bedtime stories, guided meditations, Wikipedia articles, and listener feedback, delivered in a soothing, whispered tone guaranteed to help you fall asleep.

This Girl Loves Sleep

An important part of maintaining a healthy bedtime routine is ensuring that you have good sleep hygiene.

Host Alanna McGinn brings her sleep coaching expertise to The Girl Loves Sleep podcast. On the bi-monthly released show, she shares strategies, tips, and life hacks for establishing – and sticking to – a regimented sleep schedule.

Sleep Cove

The Sleep Cove podcast is hosted by veteran hypnotherapist Christopher Fitton.

According to Sleep Cove, you should never listen to the podcast while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery, which means it really works.

The podcast offers a calming mix of guided hypnosis, natural sounds for meditation, and soporific bedtime stories. Every episode is also guided by mellow ambient music to help you achieve the proper mindset.

Sleep Tight Relax

The Sleep Tight Relax podcast offers a blend of bedtime readings, natural sounds, and soothing ambient music.

Created by a husband and wife duo the podcast episodes run for about 45 minutes to an hour, making them ideal for people who live with sleep onset insomnia or otherwise have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Another plus is that you can enjoy this podcast with younger audiences as it is actually geared towards kids but anyone can benefit from it.