Long ago, the Seven Kingdoms lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Ed Sheeran attacked.

GoT fans didn’t take kindly to good old Ed appearing on the series. So much so, Ed Sheeran actually stopped using Twitter because of all the hate he was getting.

So we got to thinking, who in the music world would be a welcome sight on the show?

Here’s a list of 15 musical people that should feature on GoT:

1. Will Smith

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Say what you like, he was a musician first. Did you think someone else wrote the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Will Smith was a relatively well-known rapper in the 90s, and eventually burst onto the screen and blew everyone’s collective minds with his acting skill.

Definitely someone I’d like to see on the show.

2. Beyoncé Knowles

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Does anyone know what her actual surname is since she married Jay-Z? Did she keep her name or take his? Maybe she hyphenated. Maybe she combined the two to make KnowleZ.

Anyway, the musical queen is no slouch when it comes to acting. She’s been in her fair share of movies, including Austin Powers: Goldmember, and Obsessed.

She’s shown that she’s capable of playing in comedic as well as serious movies, and I’m sure loads of people would love to see her strutting around the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Justin Bieber

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Maybe most people wouldn’t, but I’d like to see him on the show. Just so I can watch him die.

Justin Bieber’s would be one of the few deaths in Game of Thrones I’d be happy to witness. I’ve watched him being brutally shot to death in that scene from CSI: Miami more times than I can count.

Honestly, he doesn’t even have to be a proper character. He could have like 2 seconds of screentime, and then immediately get decapitated. Or burned alive. Either one works.

4. Rihanna

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I’m not too fond of her music, but at least she’s a decent actor.

She’s been in quite a few movies going all the way back to 2006 when she starred in Bring It On 3. Not to mention Annie, Battleship, This Is The End, and more recently, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Come to think of it, Bring It On 3 had another musician in it. Who was it again…?

5. Solange Knowles

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Ah, that’s the one.

For some reason, the name “Knowles” directly translates to “multi-talented.” Both sisters have had musical careers and both of them have starred in at least one movie.

While Solange isn’t exactly well known for her acting skill, I think she’d definitely be an interesting cast addition.

6. Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl is a modern day musical legend. He’s played in 9 different bands, including Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

I’m not entirely sure if he can act, though. Maybe he spent too much of his existing talent on music.

Regardless, just look at him. He just looks like someone who belongs on the show.

7. Kanye West

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I hate this guy almost as much as I hate Bieber, and that’s exactly why I wanna see him on the show.

GoT is such a good series because it’s characters are so engaging. When someone dies, you feel genuinely sad. When someone is a douche, you hate them with every fiber of your being.

This is why Kanye would make an awesome character. He’s an incorrigible douche with a superiority complex, so he’d only need to be himself on set.

8. Mick Thomson

Standing at nearly 2 meters tall, Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson is an intimidating figure even without the mask.

The big guys are particularly prevalent as warriors on the show, and if Ser Gregor Clegane (AKA The Mountain) can just stand around looking cool on the show, then so can Mick.

As a fan of Slipknot, I would have multiple internal freakouts if this actually happened.

9. Die Antwoord

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South African rap duo, Yo-Landi and Ninja were actually quite good in Chappie, if you ask me.

Their natural presence combined with their gangster rapper aesthetic practically screams “danger,” and danger is a super common thing in GoT.

They’d probably be best cast as part of a group of roadside bandits that one of the characters happens into on their travels.

10. Harry Styles

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Now, as much as I detest the general fanbase of any of the One Direction members, Harry Styles is actually a decent musician, and after acting in the critically acclaimed war film, Dunkirk, he appears to be a more than decent actor.

He, like so many other musicians-turned-actors, will definitely be looking to expand his film portfolio. As well he should.

He’d probably be good as a member of one noble house consisting solely of blonde people…

11. Skrillex

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If he can have an unexplained cameo in Wreck-It Ralph, he can have one in Game of Thrones.

Sonny Moore has gone from being the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and keyboardist of an emo rock band to being dubstep producer extraordinaire, Skrillex, and back to the band again.

After such a varied history, and a cameo in a movie that made me wonder which video game he comes from, I don’t think it’d be surprising to see him on the show.

12. Nicole Scherzinger

My fellow man will agree with me on this one.

We all know that GoT has plenty of eye candy, so why not throw us an entire chocolate slab and put Nicole Scherzinger on the show?

For those who don’t think she should be on it, ask yourself this: why not? Seriously.

13. Ras Kass

Rapper John Austin IV has done what no other musical celebrity has done: a musical recap of the entire sixth season of GoT.

He’s clearly a huge fan of the show, and while he may not have any acting experience, what he does have is some sick rhymes. Rhymes which could be brought to life in the show.

How devoted to a series do you have to be to record a song recapping an entire season? Just ask Ras Kass.

14. Carach Angren

Carach Angren is a Dutch symphonic black metal band who got their name from a fortified pass leading to northwestern Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

I’d personally like to see them on the show. They don’t need to act, but maybe they could do an eerie instrumental piece for the war against the White Walkers.

Or maybe they could even play White Walkers in the show.

15. Eminem

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If you’re not an Eminem fan, I suggest you have your ears checked out.

Widely considered as one of the world’s best rappers, he also portrayed himself in the true-life film; 8 Mile. Which he was so good at, the movie scored an Oscar.

Musical skill and Oscar-worthy acting. Eminem is definitely my top pick for musicians that should be on GoT.

-Tyler Roodt

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