Justin Bieber performed in Cape Town as part of his ‘Purpose’ world tour at the Cape Town Stadium last night.

Fans went wild.

“Bieber Fever” was in the air…but can a person who isn’t as big a fan, finally ‘belieb’?

Is it possible for a single concert to change your perception?

Here are 11 epic moments (and fails) of the much anticipated Justin Bieber concert:

1. If you can’t stand people and have a little bit of social anxiety then a Justin Bieber concert is the one place you should NOT be at.

Too many people, too many fangirls and way too many tears.

(This is an obvious factor at any concert though; I don’t know why I thought any different).


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2. It was a bit worrying that people had been queuing since 10:30am…

when the gates only opened at 5:00pm.

The waiting…It was all to much!


3. Seeing about three girls being wheeled away by paramedics for hyperventilating and uncontrollable crying.

Some dehydration here and there was concerning…the concert hadn’t even started yet.


You have wasted your time and money and that is bothersome.

Epic Fail.

4. Shouting for EVERY bit of ACTION. I swear.

We heard excited shrieking and would look around for Bieber or some indication that the show would be starting.


But it was just a Mango Airline advert…and then the technical guy coming on stage.

5. When the lights started to dim and the opening act was announced, the REAL excitement kicked in.

It was finally starting…the best feeling was knowing that something great was happening.

10 points for excitement build up and great lighting.


It definitely set the vibe.


6. Sketchy Bongo and the Wolfpack were the opening act for the concert.

This started off on a perfect note and was definitely an epic moment for sure…

Excitement levels on 85%

Opening acts #justinbeiber #purposeworldtour #sketchybongo #kyledeutsch #shekhinah 🎬

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7. The crowd was great.

You didn’t have to worry about looking like a loner if you came alone because Beliebers will always have each others back.

We were two girls and half way through the show we had a girl squad of 7.

The Belieber loyalty was great. EPIC!


8. The “Justin Bieber about to come on stage announcement” really got everyone hyped up just because! (Bieber fever is a thing).

9. Golden Circle was this amazing mosh pit, dance floor and you couldn’t help but jam out to every single song the Biebs performed!

(Even if you didn’t know it) you had to dance!

As a matter of fact; regardless of where you were sitting or standing everyone was having a *jol (a Cape slang word used to describe an amazing time/party).

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10. The vibe died down a bit when the slow songs were being performed and I found myself wanting to take a nap on the floor…


Not necessarily because I was bored; I just wasn’t up to date with all the songs and couldn’t join in on the swaying and crying so I opted for a nap.

Not a fail but more my fault.

11. The final song was “Sorry” and it ended off the concert on such a high note!

You can’t NOT want to dance when this song comes on:

All in all; the pros totally outweighed the cons and I was lowkey fangirling last night.

I have established that Bieber Fever is most definitely a contagious thing regardless if you love him or hate him.

Thank you Biebs for an epic night!


-Zuhaa Isaacs

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