CAPE TOWN – With news that The Lion King will receive a live action/CGI reboot, there have been plenty of concerns regarding the location, music and the use of lions.

But as people are on awe over this announcement, Disney has revealed a total of 18 classic animation films that will be given remakes. Here are our favourite selections:

Eclectic director Tim Burton is set to bring his charismatic charm to Dumbo – a young elephant is bullied for his rather over-sized ears and joins a circus. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it will rely on CGI graphics as no real elephants will be used for production. Burton has yet to announce the film’s release date.

Another classic, The Sword in the Stone, which follows a young and clumsy (future King) Arthur as an orphan, who receives lessons from the legendary wizard, Merlin. Game of Thrones writer/producer Bryan Cogman is at the helm of the project. 

The Genie from Aladdin will get its live action film, Genies, which is set on becoming a prequel as an Aladdin live action film is a possibility. It tells how the Genie landed inside the lamp prior to the events in Aladdin. #RIPRobinWilliams

Emma Stone will channel Glenn Close in the film “Cruella” as the titular character, Cruella de Vil in this live action remake.

Mulan is also set to be given treatment after the rights were bought last year. Mulan, who disobeys her father’s orders, joins the army to honour the family name and ends up saving the entire nation. We do hope Eddie Murphy reprises his role as her funny and lovable guardian, the dragon Mushu.

The honey-eating, tummy rumbling bear, Winnie the Pooh, has also been given a nod for a remake. The film will feature an adult Christopher Robin and his friends of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Other classic films given the thumbs up include Tink (the brazen fairy from Peter Pan), Pinnochio, Chip ‘n’Dale and the monstrous character from Fantasia, Chernabog.

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