JOHANNESBURG – Media shy UK band Gorillaz have finally come out of the shadows by launching their own Instagram account in anticipation of their untitled fifth studio album. This will be the bands first album since 2011’s “The Fall”.

The group’s first posting is a gluttonous childhood nostalgia imbued timeline for every millennial, a story that chronicles the beginning of their music and includes pictures illustrating their 3D cartoon character careers.

Their posts also includes the various awards they’ve won, details about their previous albums, links to their YouTube channel and all their social media accounts as well as their newly updated website. The band have uploaded a few clips of their old music videos as a treat.

Pitchfork reports that the band’s frontman Damon Albarn, has dropped clues that the band will be releasing new music soon, with all animated signs pointing to a 2017 release. This came after footage of the virtual band in a recording session surfaced online and rumours did nothing more than intensify the hunger of Gorillaz-starved fans.

For now however, the band have yet to release any details about the new album but hip hop trio De La Soul and Snoop Dogg will make guest appearances on the album.

You can follow their antics on Instagram @gorillaz and visit their website at once data has fallen though.

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