Charlie Puth no longer worries about sounding perfect live because his “energy” will get him through.

The ‘Marvin Gaye’ hitmaker used to “cringe” if he hit a flat note, but has now realised his “energy” can carry him through so vocals are not as important as they are in the recording studio.

He said: “It’s something I’ve been trying to tackle over this past year. … When I first started rehearsing for my first tour last year, I would get discouraged — ‘Why were my vocals not 100 percent pitch perfect?’

“It’s totally normal, but it bothered me. I used to cringe on stage when I would hit a flat note, but I’ve learned that doing things live is a lot more forgiving than doing things in the studio.

“It’s all about the energy live, and that can make up for the imperfections that might not be on the records.”

Charlie thinks we are in a “golden age of songwriting” and has advised aspiring performers to pen their own material, rather than cover other people’s songs.

He told amNewYork: “My advice would be to not do just covers. Don’t just go to Google, type in ‘Justin Bieber Cold Water instrumental’ and sing over it.

“Make your own version, make it unique, and write original music. I think we’re going into a golden age of songwriting, and people are appreciative of it. So just write songs.”

When it comes to his own music, the 24-year-old singer says it is a “constant learning process” trying to figure out his own sound.

He said: “I’ve been producing songs for other artists, so I can stretch myself in different ways, but [my album is] also me trying to figure out what the sound of the moment for Charlie is going to be. It’s a constant learning process.”