I never planned on watching this movie. In fact, every time I go to the cinemas, my focus is more inclined on romantic movies.

Thanks to The Shallows, which I avoided, I was left at the mercy of this movie – Mechanic: Resurrection.

The creators have got their fill of success from it. Written by Philip Shelby, which was adapted from a story by Shelby and Brain Pittman, the film offers plenty of action scenes, hot babes and bodies and Jason Statham going on a martial arts frenzy.

In this sequel of the 2011 film, “The Mechanic”, we catch up with Bishop (Statham), an elite assassin, in Rio. He’s living a new life after faking his death, with a new identity “Santos”. He believes that he’s put his murderous former life behind him only to be approached by someone who states that her employer, Riah Crain (Sam Hazeldine) wishes for Bishop to kill three targets and stage them as accidents.

He then fights off mercenaries in Thailand before taking cover up at the beach house of his friend, Mae (Michelle Yeoh).

Gina (Jessica Alba) arrives at the shore and asks Mae for some first aid items, then Mae notices that the woman was badly treated by her boyfriend. That evening, Mae notices that Gina was being attacked in her boat and convinces Bishop to go out to help – Bishop then learns that Gina was forcibly working undercover for Riah Crain to save her children’s shelter.

Crain planned for Bishop and Gina to fall in love before kidnapping her to make Bishop agree to the mission – kill three targets in three different locations.

The film’s locations added depth to script work and highlighted various action sequences, almost like a James Bond film, but with more action. However, like a typical action film, the plot eventually got lost somewhere between Statham’s roundhouse kicks or in Alba’s bikini, it still delivers the explosions, plenty of bad guys and a speedboat or two.

If you liked the Transporter, Parker or any Jason Statham film, you will definitely love this movie.

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