If there’s anything Nasty C’s fans appreciate the most, is his music and the amount of effort he invests in his craft.

Last night fans came out in their numbers at Rosebank Ster- Kenikor theatres to support their favorite rapper.


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The recently crowned best S.A rapper revealed his short film last night, titled “Veliswa” which he named after his late mom, in order to honour her.

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The endearing short film, a duration of twenty minutes includes three of Nasty Cs’ singles from his latest offering ‘Bad Hair Extensions’ and an intro of a touching tribute message to his late mom.

We chatted to Nasty C about the inspiration behind his short film and what exactly he intended to achieve, as this is something that hasn’t been done before within the South African Hip Hop scene:

“This was to show how much I value my mom. Because I speak about my all life experiences, it also lets everyone see that this resonates with me more that it could ever resonate with anyone else, so dedicating it to my mother tells you how much I appreciate her.”

“But yet again we also wanted to take creativity to the next level and break boundaries. Not let anything limit us with regards respecting the laws of shooting a music video.”

“This will further more show people that I value my art, way more than how people think I do, and that goes along with getting the message across, whether its blatantly or subliminally,” he added.

The rapper has gone on to thank his fans for the huge amount of support. He added that the response was quite amazing and it has surpassed his expectations.

“The love I get from my fans is really incredible. I didn’t expect this many people to come through,” he said.

Personalities that attended the launch included South Africa’s renowned rapper and entrepreneur Slikour, along with 5 FM Hip hop Dj presenter- Miss Cosmo, actress- Jessica Nkosi and KB Mamosadi.

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