This week, I look into the podcasts you need to be listening to every week.

The Read (

I have always said The Read is like listening to a magazine. First you get the adverts, then the editor’s letter and some positive news, then you get immersed into the gossip, where it’s discussed in detail. Then there’s an agony aunt section where you basically get given advice that may make your problem worse, and then at the end we delve into the serious, socio-political matters. The Read is not one of the best podcasts in the world for nothing – it’s everything I have described and more. It’s hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle and they are brilliant because they stay true to themselves.

New episodes are uploaded every Thursday at 5pm CAT. Not for sensitive listeners – they love cursing.

The Friendzone (

The Friendzone is all about soothing our souls and helping us lick our wounds and become better people. Hosted by Francheska, Asanté and Dustin, The Friendzone lives up to its name – it’s a safe space for friends to discuss anything they need to get off their chests, but in a healthy way that nourishes listeners, emotionally.

New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday at 5pm CAT

Missing Richard Simmons (

Every few years there comes a podcast that will change the game. Serial was one, as is The Read. Now there’s a new one, which is quite similar to Serial called Missing Richard Simmons. One of the leading 1980s stars of the fitness movement, Simmons is well loved. So when he all but disappeared two years ago, people started getting worried. In this podcast, which is rated #1 on iTunes, film-maker Dan Taberski, who was a friend of Richard’s, searches for his friend, with each episode looking at various reasons why he disappeared. The deeper he digs, the stranger it gets.

New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday at 3pm CAT

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