Q & A: The Soil on “Echoes of Kofifi”

The award winning group, which is made up of Phindo “Master P” Ngxanga, Buhle Mda and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga have released a new album…

The Echoes of Kofifi was released at the end of October and the group have been travelling across cities, promoting the album.

We taking over Durbs… please tune in, to all these radio stations. We love your

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Interviewer, Phindile: What inspired the name of the album “Echoes of Kofifi”?

The Soil: The album Echoes of Kofifi is a sequel of our previous album Nostalgic Moments.  We named this 3rd album Echoes of Kofifi to emphasise on The Soil music concept.  We acknowledge and pay tribute to the music and sounds of Sophiatown era.  We are about iKasi and Kofifi is our inspiration so the echo of that sound continues in our music year by year. 

Phindile: What’s the difference between all three albums?

The Soil: The similarity is that we have hit songs in all from Iinkomo, Joy, Susan and now Thambo Lam.  The difference is growth experienced in each and every album as we grow but our sound remains true to us and the audience that listen and follow our music.  

Phindile: What’s the story behind Selfie?

The Soil: With The song Selfie we acknowledging the period we live in and the fact that our followers and mostly youth lives in a digital world.  Selfies are a norm and we appreciate taking selfies with our fans.  

We featured Theo on this song to say thanks to her for being part of our group when Buhle was away and also to highlight her talent and put it into a record.  

Hope this will help her music career boom in the near future.

Phindile: Nonzwakazi, who wrote the song between the three of you?

The Soil: We all write our songs

Phindile: The one who wrote it, what was going through your mind as it seems to have reached beyond the millennial?

The Soil: We wanted to write a song that will showcase our vocal skill and exactly as you say a song that will live a lifetime.

Phindile: How did the collaboration with Kwesta come about?

The Soil: As The Soil we have been fans of hip hop music and spoken word poetry.  In every album we feature a good lyricist and Kwesta is one of the best in SA.  We asked Our record label to reach out to him and he gladly agreed to collab.  We love his work on this song.

Phindile: Do you think Thambo Lam will have the same impact as Susan?

The Soil: We know it is the hit and we write each song with a specific purpose that it needs to speak to our followers the way we would have loved to speak to them.  No comparison exists and we will like people to treat our music that way. 

Phindile: Are you also going to go Live, just like The Reflections Albums?

The Soil: We have not thought of that…

Phindile: As the album is doing so well now, should we expect 4thone next year?

The Soil: No pressure we will wait for our creator to send through messages in songs and we will deliver in time

Phindile: What advice would you give to young up and coming artists?

The Soil: If music is your God given talent, keep pushing and trusting that your time will come. An education is important, being disciplined and true to yourself.

The album is in stores and you can also find it on iTunes

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