4Billion Records is a South African independent record label. The group’s objective is to grow and empower African artists and this is evident as they make strides via the radio waves as radio stations can’t get enough of their sound.

Their music is played nationwide by top DJ’s including DJ Fresh who was one of the first to play their single ‘Queen’on his famous radio show after its release.

4Billion Records’ feel good sing-along track ‘Queen’ celebrates a woman’s beauty and her power.

About 4 Billion Records (4BR):

Queen is not the only leading track on the compilation album. Beautiful Day is just as powerful followed by Pred De Toi. Popular DJ and producer known for Count Your Blessings, Rabs Vhafuwi also features on the compilation album with a song called Adio Amigos.

The 4BR Dance Compilation is 4 Billion Records debut project to officially launch the record company and introduce its services to the entertainment industry.

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