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Sandiso Mbulelo aka SeYda (performing name) is a hip hop artist hailing from a suburb outside Cape Town called Delft.

He’s been harnessing his craft for the past few years until he got comfortable enough to release his first project called “Godly SeYda”, which is a first project (mixtape) from the artist and the project consists of 10 songs.

The songs were not all completely new; as they range from the time he first released a song called in 2012 called “Got My Crew”.

With songs that stretch back to 2012, SeYda is able to take us on the journey of his musical growth until the songs he released this year.

He is no ordinary rapper, instead of taking the route that most hip hop artists do. He went on a course to find his own path and be different.

That led him to join an online magazine (CPT Street Mag) from Cape Town, so he could be able to interview other musicians not just in the hip hop circle but, other genres also.

With those insightful experiences he was able to curve his own path in hip hop and finally finish his first project. One of his songs in “Godly” called “Greenlight” is featured in the Street Mag music project called “Rough Diamonds”.

The song is pretty catchy and it’s about a guy who is telling us about this girl he has but this girl wont sleep with him, no matter the effort the guy puts in.

2015 has been a good year for SeYda, as he has been performing his music all over Cape Town, promoting his “Godly”. On top of that his music his music has been played in some notable radio stations around Cape Town.

Yes, SeYda has had his spotlight on TV when he was interviewed and performed on one of South Africa’s biggest youth shows called “Hectic9”.


Greenpop’s SA Reforest Festival (Platbos Forest)

LOKOH The Awakening #2

Nomadic Orchestra’s Move Your Things Album Launch

Black Dog Fashion Show (Cafe’ Santé)’

Baxter Theatre Zabalaza Festival (Rent Office & Baxter Theatre)

Jik’Izinto Single Launch (Imperial Lounge)

The Creative Database (Baxter Theatre Amphitheatre)

It’s All Gux (Bazinga Bar)


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Zabalaza Best Song Award with S.S.K (former crew)

2010 Blast Beast Competition Winner with S.S.K

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Backlash #8 on Zone Radio Top 40 for 2 weeks


Godly SeYda (17 March 2015)

Seventeen (2016)





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