CAPE TOWN – If you’re familiar with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on DStv channel 137, then you’ll love the latest service from Turner International.

On Wednesday it announced a new streaming film service, FilmStruck, aimed at film lovers of authentic, classic films. With a collection of over hundreds of classic, indie, foreign and cult titles that the audience have come to know through TCM over the years, will expect a new catalogue of some impressive features.

The service will be in direct competition with Netflix, Amazon Prime and ShowMax as its pricing also have a reflection on its competition with Netflix and Amazon Prime, with three packages available starting at $6,99 (R95) per month.

For the basic service at $6,99 (R95)/month, you’ll get:
• An updated library with rare and critically acclaimed titles
• Behind the scenes footage and special features
• All access streaming service 24/7

The next package comes with The Criterion Channel at $10,99 (R149):
• Access to films aired exclusively to The Criterion Channel
• Exclusive interviews and VIP access to filmmakers, producers, composers and actor interviews
• A catalogue of previously unavailable films

The third package includes the streaming service and The Criterion Channel, paying annually for $99 (R1337) with a savings of $ $30 (R405,50)

If this is what you seek, then FilmStruck could be your preferred choice. The service caters to an audience who wants to watch films, something that most streaming services have left out as they focused more on a catalogue of television series.


FilmStruck’s collection also include some of the film industry’s blockbusters like Moulin Rouge, Taxi Driver, Mad Max and the participation of severail film studios including Janus Films, Flicker Alley, Icarus Films, Lens, First Run Features, as well as major studios MGM and Warner Bros.

As to how it will fare against Netflix, Amazon Prime and ShowMax is anyone’s guess in terms of content but while subscription fees are concerned, it will surely put up a fight against these streaming services.

The biggest question is how it will fare against South Africa’s biggest digital subscription service, DStv?

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