On Monday, Transformers fans were treated when the premiere of the fifth and final film in the Transformers franchise was unveiled during the “Monday Night Football” game.

Directed by Michael Bay, the film delves into the planet’s history through a conflict that has gone for generations between humans and machines.

In the first Transformers film, we learn that a relationship between man and machine is possible, hence it being a recurring theme throughout the rest of the films, with the Decepticons doing everything in their power to kill the human race.

With Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots (the good guys) lost in space towards the end of Age of Extinction, we’re not sure if he will play a significant role in the upcoming film but what we do know for sure that with any Michael Bay film, expect over-the-top action scenes, over-excessive use of explosives and insane fight sequences.

The film is scheduled for a US summer release of June 23, 2017, but until then, you can watch the teaser trailer here:

But if you’re not convinced, this is what many had to say on social media:

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