Outdoor music events are the stuff of Legend.

Music festival guru, Leland Edwards shares his favourite festival experiences:

When it comes to festivals nothing beats the great outdoors, thousands of beautiful spirits from all around the world and weekends you will never forget.
I have been to quite a few outdoor music festivals and could have probably owned a BMW by now if I saved that cash, but there are still some things I need to tick off before the curtain closes on the final DF.
Ultimate Events I still need to attend:
Origin Festival
Okay so I have only had the pleasure of experiencing the funday at Origin. I know, why do I bother even going still. I blame the Rez Fest, because it takes all the funding I generate over the festive season.
The setting of this place at the Elandskloof farm in Helderstroom.

WOW, please if you attend an Origin festival for the first time, stand back, admire and clap for at least 10 seconds.

What you will see is a place that looks like God was speaking to the production cast, directing every move.
The sun beats down on us relentlessly in the month of January, but from what I saw on the funday, it still was not enough to cause a dull moment.
I find it strange how we run for the covers when it is raining or look for shade when the sun smiles brightest. At events like Origin not even natural forces can keep us apart, come rain, snow or shine, WE JOL AS ONE.  
The line-up for Origin this year was epic with the likes of Virtual Lights and Bayawaka coming from miles away to rock our worlds. The local Dj’s did what they always do, they brought the heat.
We arrived there in the morning on Sunday, it was still dark. It was straight to the Origin DF.
Loud’s performance, it was music and art coming together to ensure we were all satisfied.
I can vaguely remember Dj Mark’s set, it was inspiring. I didn’t know I could get into such a state in less than 60 seconds.  
I didn’t get to skit my biscuit the entire weekend, but when I arrived I made sure I danced like someone who’d been there since day one.
Next year will be my first FULL Origin Festival. Cheers to that.
Masqued Ball Festival
The name says it all, it is, was and always will be a the ball of the year.

The event is hosted on the secluded beach near Gordon’s Bay beach.

It is hosted by the Alien Safari trance company, one the oldest trance companies in South Africa.

I have never been to one of these events and the sad thing is I don’t even know why.
I have had mere glimpses of this event via the World Wide Web, but I have to attend this event to see what the big hype is all about.
From what I saw thus far, it is stunning.

To have an event on the beach front it’s already an Alice In Wonderland adventure coming true. The features of this venue will captivate your mind and send you on star-cross journey.
The dj’s selection for this year’s event was quality. They would’ve made a certain Mr. Edwards dance from set to sunrise, no doubt.
So this event with all it’s beautiful scenery is must to attend.
To be on a beach with the heaven-like setting of Masqued Ball, will I ever return home?
Vortex : Open Source
Also held at the Circle of Dreams in Riviersonderend.

It is the longest festival on the calendar that I can think of.
I think that one of the reason this party goes beyond the distance is so that we as the individuals can fulfill our true purpose, because like I said before and I’ll say it again, festivals are more than just skitting your biscuit.

No, it is about taking an adventure, meeting people that will change your life forever, being taught important life lesson like love, care, unity and respect.

It is about finding yourself and connecting with the thousands to make human earthquakes that shake the very foundation of your human core.
Therefore this event is truly a revolution and revelation to some, it is like a movement attended by many people who understand the concept of freedom.
I attend two days of the event last year and I was kicking myself for not coming from day one.
I felt a strong sense of unity, like I was one those Apartheid heroes fighting for freedom, but with this event there is no division of colour, creed or culture.

Just many humans, one floor, one heart, one love dancing together as a united entity.
I think if the people who started Apartheid went to a music festival first, we would have been the democratic capital of the world, but that’s just my thoughts.

This event has so much power, that people come as far as Brazil (Fabio I remember you), the party capital of the world, to dance on grounds that were once bond in the chains of oppression.
This is one of those events that sets free a generation and that is why this year I will have to attend the entire event.

I know I am certain when I say that you will never be able to see it all at a festival, because every festival is unique and different from the next. So just when you think you saw it all think again.
Festival bucket list
Well my bucket list, lets see…
The one thing I really, really, really want achieve, is to skit from the time the sun sets up until the time of its rebirth in morning. I will probably have to replace my feet by the end of it.
I would love to go backstage someday, to be amazed by all the behind the scenes work.
Meet Mandragora (mission for sunflower) his music was the first psytrance I listened to, I have NEVER looked backed. Also get a picture and a signed autograph by the genius.
Meeting Geometric Flux would probably give me “Bieber Fever”, because if there is one person who makes me literally take my shoes and dance, it’s this guy.
Being able to go onstage during a performance, just to look at the rest of my trance family going BERSERK.
My biggest dream, well it’s a dream so it can happen, is to one day stand behind those decks and release a magic that will captivate the next generation.

God? Are you listening?

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