We have reached that point in the year when we troopers ready ourselves for some of the most memorable musical festivals on the psychedelic calendar.

Its starts this June on the 23rd, all us trancers will gather at the Circle of Dreams in Riviersonderend, as we celebrate the Winter Solstice when Vortex welcomes us to the Phoenix Festival of Fire.

Winter brace yourself. We are coming.

And with that said; let’s take a trip down memory lane with TYI’s festival guru, Leland Edwards (20) as he looks back at some of the most unforgettable festivals of the past.

Remember the time the world stood still, the Earth felt our trembling feet and we embrace it.”

Jungala 2015

It was during the fall of 2015, I had recently turned 18 and this was going to be my “first festival”. Happens to be my second Jungala, after 2014 and last to date.

It was day one and as we entered this magical world, the excitement reached boiling point, the techno rhythms Rob Gonzo in the background was truly intoxicating.

It was a little after 12, the place was buzzing, we decided to scout the DF (Dance Floor), mistake. We danced until the sun rose on the second day and forgot about camp.

TIP : it is of utmost importance to set up camp before hitting the DF.

Unfortunately Broken Switch was not able to make it so we were treated to some extra Gonzo magic before Nick Grater unleashed his definition of blissful music.

Evening was approaching, the sounds of Prefix roared through the jungle as I already found myself on another planet, miles away from Earth.

I was completely bewitched by the lighting, 3D mapping and insane visuals.

The midnight take-over by Israeli born Dj Iliuchia, the DF was packed, she showed us all what she is capable of when she sent the party into absolute overdrive.

Her performance was a highlight for me at that event.

The Monday Funday. I awoke only to find most of the people at the campsite was gone. I remember I am at a festival and soon discover where all the troopers had marched too.

Mad Tribe had just began playing and I knew it was time soldier up, the last day was upon us.

The L.E.O.F set completely obliterated everyone present on the DF, I might have cried even.

I can forget the “Magic of Jungala” remix by Reality Test from Israel…It warms my bosom to this day.

Time flew to quick as I can’t even recall the sets by Headroom and Swiss mastermind Khainz.

Buffalo Drift will surely witness my return come November.

Rezonance 2015/16

It is not dubbed the last party of the year for nothing. This was my first RezFest, is was the last time Rez was held at the Contermanskloof Farm near Durbanville, from the 31st December to the third January.

Four days of utter, unadulterated bliss. The set up, simply put. Heaven on Earth.

Three dances floors, the Prism Stage, open for the entire event. Where I found myself for the majority of the event, falling in love over and over to the psytrance.

We experienced the Nova Stage where we were treated to some blazing electro swing beats and from 6pm to 11 the next morning my favourite, progressive trance.

I found myself floating in a cosmic space everytime I hit the meadow.

I don’t even want to talk about the Delta Stage. Lord have mercy. Some of the best electronic music I have heard and felt. I just couldn’t get enough of Enough Weapons.

The highlight for me at that event was Chabunk New Year’s set. I did cry this time around, out of pure excitement and bliss.
The New Year’s countdown, if only we could freeze time…

I was completely smashed at this party I remember the naked man that ran around, I mean that is a testimony to just how wondrous this event was.

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Organik: Love Project 2017

This would be my first appearance at the event held at the dreamlike Utopia just outside Caledon.

Every time I would make a plan to go to this event; something unforeseen happens and I am left all alone at home, this time was no different.

The night before my friends I decided to head out for the night to let loose a bit of pre-party fever. Ended up spending the entire Friday night in Claremont main road, the next morning I was completely sick spewing the previous night’s contents all over the floor.

This is where I found out why human determination is one the greatest gifts to possess. I forced myself out of bed, into the shower still spewing, but there was no way I’d be left behind this time.

I don’t recall the drive to Lovies (Love Project), because I was out cold in car and still recovering from the previous nights antics.

I awake, check the time and start assembling my thoughts, all alone in the car and I am not even sure where I really am yet.

All of a sudden there is surge in me, a feeling that ripples through my entire body, awakening the sleeping lion inside, its time…

I reach full recovery, no time to waste and hit the DF. My friends are absolutely nowhere in sight, they all left for planet Mars already and I was well on my way there.

I found myself some new friends, whom a spent the entire afternoon with, but the evening was approaching.

I know this because of the wolf-like howls people on the campsite were making, my time to shine.

Besides the amazing setting and heaven-like venue, three things will forever be carved into the hard-drive of my brain, the Electric Universe and my local hero Geometric Flux.

Electric Universe did something many people fail to do to me. He kept me from my sleep as I was planning to hit the haystack around the time started his set.

Geometric Flux was dancing next to me while Israeli dj Symbolic scorched the decks. Geometric Flux was closing out the event, I will always remember this, me shouting, “What the hell, Symbolic you are completely insane!!! Show me your energy!!!”.
Geometric Flux turned to me and said, “I am going blow this place up, next.”

He meant what he said and did what he said he would.

I was still dancing to his music by the time I got home.

Sunflower 2016

This party for some reason is the subject of some negativity, I don’t know why, but like I have been to 3 in total and I had ball each and every time. The location is the Ostrich Ranch, a turnoff on the N7.

Anyway, back to the juicy script. One of the greatest producers of music in my mind, Mandragora was going to be here and his music is where my adventure on this cosmic road started.

So whenever I really want to see my heroes or whatever, there is always a problem that prevents or nearly prevents me from attending. This time it was transport, everyone left the morning already and by the time awoke I had 63 missed calls.

I took some sleeping pills the night before, because there was no way I was going to fall asleep knowing what awaited me with the rising of the sun.

My aunt, God bless her soul, agreed to drop me at the event.

She was completely marveled at the set-up, I was pumping to get out of the car and catch my flight to Mars.

Quickly I find my friend, chased my aunt home otherwise she would have stayed.

Time to party; we get absolutely smashed to a point where my one friend, gives his armband away and that is the key entrance ticket to the party spends the nightfall inside the car.

Me on the other hand, I found myself scaling the structural beams holding up the tent covering the DF. I was escorted down by security before being told, like a child to never do that again and to enjoy the party.

I go looking for my friend and after spending six insane hours dancing to Rob Gonzo, Sway, Deliriant, Dew Drop, Chemo Boy and international sensation and a personal favourite, the Italian stallion Gonzi. Those hours will forever installed into my hardware.

I awake on the Sunday funday morning, to Elevation, who’s music literally elevated me to out of the car and to the DF.

There is a host of international dj’s lined up for the last part of the show, only one name stood out for me, Mandragora. His set was a short hour but it reigns eternal in our memories, well at least mine.

There were two DF’s, but as soon as the Mexican hit the decks, there was only DF.

I had to leave after he played but Sunflower 2016 is something I will cherish for years to come.

Can’t wait for my fourth straight appearance this coming August.

Watch this space as Leland reports back on all the antics that happened as he attends Vortex this weekend

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