The team couldn’t help cracking up at the latest #1000AfricanWaysToDie Twitter storm. We share the best thread of tweets you can read today on #1000AfricanWaysToDie.

1. When you call an adult by their name @iamSivN

2. When your mom hits you & you try to block it, they be like.. “oh so now you want to fight me? OK go head… Fight me” @MercyPheona

3. Eating the biggest piece of chicken…one that belongs to your father. ‏@Mefied

4. When the elders fart and you say “Mmhh” ‏@TalibJim

5. Parent: Why did you do this
Kid: ((Silence))
Parent : You not answering me?
Kid: I was…
Parent: You talking back? @muller_axe

6. Using the tea set & plates that are reserved for Jesus Christ’s homecoming @ReikaMolokele

7. Eavesdropping on a conversation between adults and accidentally laughing. @ZaireMvelase

8. Losing your mom’s Tupperware. @Bridgette_Tt

9. Not coming out of your room to greet visitors @RonaldPhiri01

10. Sleeping while your grandma gives that 3 hour prayer @Daudoo

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