Top 10 #AfricanBreakUpLines Tweets:

1. “It’s not you, it’s your bad taste in music” ‏@BizzWaxx

2. “My parents said I can only date when I finish school… I still have three years left on my PhD.” @NamAfricanist

3. “You threw away the UltraMel container without licking it.” @kay_mahapa

4. Please Call: ‘its over’ @ShakesMotsilili

5. You make that hlwi hlwi sound when you drink tea ???? ‏@GracaOfDeus

6. @Curate_Africa “How could you serve me food without meat? You know what, can’t do this anymore.” @TboozeSA

7. My ancestors don’t approve of our relationship. @Fuchsiaristic

8. My Pastor had a dream and you are not the husband he saw me with. ‏@officialdaddymo

9. “It’s not you, it’s the economy” @TendoNyasvisvo

10. You said you own cows. I just see goats. ‏@Mizz_Chichy

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