We find ourselves month in and month out in the great outdoors, from Origin in January to the RezFest in December.

Come blistering winds and even if it rains cats and dogs, you best believe we troopers will SKIT.

It doesn’t matter if the temperatures are near freezing at the Circle of Dreams in June or the sun beats down on us relentlessly at the Pat Busch Mountain Reserve in December.


But who are the best DJ’s in South Africa feeding us that energy to overcome the forces of mother nature?

Here is a look at my top five South African DJ’s I have had the pleasure of witnessing:


1. Headroom

WARNING : DJ Headroom is not from planet Earth.

The Zimbabwean born DJ is special to me. I have heard most of his music, but it is his live performances that makes me wanna rip my heart out and present it to him as a token of my gratitude.

He has this special way of commanding me to give more on the DF.

Everytime I think I deserve a break during one of his magical sets, I find myself right in front, going completely nuts.

For it was at Gaian Dream 2015 that I discovered my love for this incredible individual’s music.


2. Geometric Flux

This is my official favourite South African DJ.

I haven’t really listened to his single tracks, but his live performances are what makes my heart skip a beat everytime. That is what love feels like.

Wow that last set at Organik: Love Project in April will rank among the best closing sets at an event for a long time to come.

He is just simply… #quality. The power he possesses on the decks is nothing short of powerful.

Whenever Flux hits the decks, Leland hits the front of the DF and that’s where he will stay for duration of Geometric Fux’s set for sure.

3. Deliriant

During my start on the psychedelic scene, my phone was jam packed full of Deliriant’s music for a reason.

He along with Mandragora was my starting. At that time I was as clued up on festivals and psytrance, but it starts with these two magnificent people.

He was a part of my insane five hour stomping spectacle at last year’s Sunflower festival.

I was about to head to the campsite, after realising that my feet were completely obliterated.

I was walking back, still walking. Deliriant comes onto the main stage.

I am still walking. All of a sudden I am running, not to the campsite, but to the DF.

Deliriant will always have place in my heart.

4. DJ Mark

This is a true legend on the psychedelic scene in SA, this guy has probably been around since the beginning.

He was a big deal at the winter Vortex event this year, just ask the +/- 3000 people that were present.

The way he mashes old and new school tracks is simply awesome.

It is always an extra good feeling when a DJ drops a classic in the middle of a rage.

Dj Mark is one of the best at doing this. One of the reasons my voice disappeared for a few days after Phoenix.

There is no better feeling than to be dancing at your best and then out of nowhere a classic drops. The smiles on all our faces was a sight to behold.

DJ Mark is one who has truly mastered this art; a reason why he is a part of my top five list.

5. Rob Gonzo

I have not heard much from the lad, but since Jungala 2015 I have been interested in the dude.

He has played at FRAT for some time and last year when I attended FRAT, Rob Gonzo was playing the last set of the evening.

The lad set us alight with his performance.


Rob made it feel like an outdoor festival.

Besides last year’s FRAT attack and his jungala 2015 debut, there was last year’s Sunflower.

So we all know about the two dance floors at Sunnies right?

Its night time, MY TIME.

We are all walking from the main DF to the second DF to feel some techno beats for a while and in a sense, come down.

Danimal was just finishing off as Gonzo arrived on decks. Never saw so much people turning back to, no scratch that.
Running back to the main floor.


It is a moment I will remember all the days of my life.`

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