American video-sharing website YouTube revealed its most popular videos for 2017 based on time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking and other metrics.

This year’s most viral video featured a man singing in an oyster costume. The masked performer, a contestant on Thailand’s reality show “The Mask Singer,” sang “Until We Will Become Dust” in the video.

The video has more than 182 million views on YouTube.

The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading’s parody of U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration also became one of the top trending videos.

The parody was published on Jan. 25 and received more than 35 million views, 511,000 likes and 26,676 comments.

Also on the top-trending list are U.S. singer Lady Gaga’s halftime show from Super Bowl LI…

…a 12-year-old singing ventriloquist on “America’s Got Talent”…

…and a live BBC interview disrupted by two adorable kids.