Fellow internet procrastinators, I have come to feed your addiction.

Reaction videos are a popular pick on YouTube, but most of the time they’re pretty much the same thing. Unless you happen to be watching The Ubunifu Space.

For those who haven’t heard about them, sit down; it’s education time.


As you might have deduced, they are a group of YouTubers.

One team is based in the UK, and the other in East Africa. They have joint custody of the YouTube channel and react to modern hip hop from the other team’s continent.

They’re also kinda hilarious.

The whole team during their visit to East Africa. Kenya dig it?

The UK guys (that’s not my name for them, they actually call themselves that) have reacted to songs from the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Frank Casino, Riky Rick and several other artists, not just from around here, but all over Africa.

While the team a bit closer to the equator has done videos on British rappers like: Sona, Mackareo, and Don-E.

No, I haven’t heard of those guys either.

If you have time, check them out. If you don’t have time, check them out anyway:

The Ubunifu Space is a nice reminder that the rest of the world does, in fact, acknowledge the existence of Africa. It’s not just savanna and lions out here, guys!

Unless you go to a pub in this country, then there’s plenty of Savanna and dudes who be lying…

I’ll show myself out.

-Tyler Roodt

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