We understand that having to clean up the dishes after a nice meal can be annoying, but the alternative can’t possibly be eating off of the kitchen counter right?

Well, for a foodie who is only known as Lisa, serving pasta on her kitchen counter is the best solution for avoiding clean-up after meals.

In what she describes as the ’ultimate spaghetti trick’, she makes a large batch of spaghetti, mixing all her ingredients on her white kitchen countertop.

Photo by Danijela Prijovic on Unsplash

In a 3-minute-video that has been viewed more than 26 million times on Facebook, the chef starts her ’tutorial’ by explaining how she’s going to demonstrate ‘the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd’ because ‘you don’t have to worry about dishes or a mess.’

Moments later, she can be seen smearing her marble white kitchen counter in Prego tomato sauce, before piling on meatballs, Parmesan cheese and spaghetti – which she calls ‘noodles.’

She then mixes the ingredients together in front of her with a pair of wooden ladles and asks, ‘How delicious does this look?’

It is unclear whether Lisa recorded the video as a joke or she genuinely believes serving food on her kitchen counter is ’more convenient’ than using plates.

Her Facebook page titled Josh and Lisa feature more videos of strange hacks. In another popular one, she can be seen making dip on her kitchen counter in a similar way as she made the spaghetti, calling it a ’bowl table’.

All these videos are in a playlist titled ’food fun’ on the account.

Her spaghetti hack has been the talk of the town for weeks, with over 16,000 people commenting on the video.

A number of people were offended by the fact that Lisa said she was Italian and insinuated that Italians were familiar with the hack.

“Italians – beautiful people – incredible cooks – it’s a wonder so many need to find ways to poke fun at us in areas where they lack. She probably can’t boil water. I feel sorry for her and her friend they must’ve had the sh**s for days,” one user wrote.


Another person wrote, “Watching this video caused me so much stress. I would not eat or serve this.”

A third user thought it was a joke writing, “This is a poor attempt at humour. 0/10.”

Others felt that the video was promoting food waste and was very unsanitary.