Most people mistake frugal living for being a ’cheapskate’ but it is actually being intentional with how you spend your money.

The very minimal way of living is all about spending your money wisely on only the essential things and cutting down your expenses on useless stuff ruthlessly.

If you have been looking into this lifestyle or are just looking for more information then we can help. There are plenty of channels on YouTube that dive into more detail about frugal living from frugal people, to help you work towards living your best financial life.

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Here are some of my favourites to watch:

The Frugal Fit Mum

Christine, popularly known as Frugal Fit Mum on YouTube will easily become your go to friend for frugal living advice. Not only will she help you adapt to frugal living but will also help with budget friendly meal preps and loads more.

Camille Collazo

Perfect for Gen Z’s and young millennials, Camille Collazo offers content that will inspire you to live frugally from a young age. Her tips are useful for people of all ages though, and most of them come from her personal experiences which makes her relatable. She describes a frugal lifestyle as a life lived with intention.

Get Your Coin Right

This South African based YouTuber will give you frugal living tips from a self proclaimed frugal person. She is also a bit easier to relate to because she is based in this country and shares in our experiences.

Nate O’Brien

With the aim to help you grow your income in order to live a financially successful life, Nate is the best person to follow for help with your finances. He will help you get the most out of your salary income while also managing to save towards your future.

Kristin Stones, Cents and Purpose

Money enthusiast Kristen Stones is perfect for when you want quick effective hacks to living a frugal life. Her main focus is to help people save and pay off their debt as she highly encourages debt-free living. You can also find some useful tips on her Instagram.

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