Wait. What’s Tinder?

Tinder is a social search mobile app that is based on matching users according to the proximity of their location. Most Tinder users however use the app to serve their romantic or less honourable agendas.

It’s easy with Tinder. All you’re required to do is to swipe either left or right. Left means “nah, I don’t like the person”, and right means that you like them. If both of you have swiped right on each other’s profile, then you’re allowed to send each other messages.

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid when using Tinder:

1. Looks can be deceiving

Be careful not to fall for fake profiles.

One of the most embarrassing situations to ever be in on Tinder, it is to fall in love with a robot. Imagine the excitement that you experience after you have found a match. You really don’t want to spend charming a robot. It’s a waste of time and gives you false hope, duh.

Tip: How do you identify a fake profile?

It’s difficult to say it, however from my own experience, they just appear too good to be true. Try running a mini investigation by checking their other social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram to find out if they’re actually real.

2. Avoid greeting a person with ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’

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It’s a turn off. Think of Tinder as a major interview. Hit them with a line that’s not predictable. Remember that your match has probably received messages from other people and by you texting ‘Hi’, won’t quite have you stand out from everyone.

We support healthy habits.

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Tip: Profile descriptions are important. Read their Tinder profile description and start your conversation by commenting on something cool based on their profile description.

We support healthy habits.

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3. Never meet a Tinder date in a remote area

Some people are gifted and they can charm you terribly. To the point where your brains, pants and heart is completely conquered. Before you meet your Tinder match consider that you’re putting your life in danger.

It’s cool to meet them if you are comfortable with that idea, however always meet them in public places and never go home with them. This world is full of wolves in a sheep skin.

Tip: Always meet them in a public area you are familiar with and make sure you tell your next of kin your whereabouts. Stay alive and safe, honey.

4. Don’t overuse the Super Like feature

Tinder has a cool feature called ‘super like’. The feature is represented by a massive blue star. The feature’s purpose is to inform the person you’re crushing on, that you don’t just want to swipe right, you actually like them beyond that.

Personally I advise that you use it. We only live once and for crying out loud, we are online. No one can see your shyness or embarrassment, just go all out.

Tip: You only have limited super likes, so you better don’t just waste them on anyone. Keep your super like for the chosen one/s.

5. Do not make your profile boring

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Remember first impressions last and your profile determines the swipes you want. As much as most of us always run to the unrealistic line, “I only fall for the soul, the outwards doesn’t matter”. Sorry, we are not living in Walt Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ here, we are on Tinder. The only thing you see is a profile picture if they have provided it and a profile description message.

These are the only factors that make a person swipe left or right. Superficial but that’s the app (insert shrug). Represent yourself in a manner that you want your match to perceive you by and make them want to swipe your profile right.

Tip: Avoid posting group selfies as a profile. Only do this, if you want to confuse your match. It might also block your chances as they might fall for someone else and when they get to learn that you are not that person, they get turned off. Period.

Lastly, remember that there is nothing to ashamed if you are on Tinder. Only you and your phone know. Have fun and stay safe on Tinder, you don’t just make companions in clubs. You can find your soulmate on Tinder.

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