Suicide is devastating not only for the families who lose loved ones but businesses who lose valuable workers, many are unaware that suicide is preventable on both a governmental level and on a personal level at lost cost methods. One just needs to be aware of signs such as self-harming, amd talking about not wanting to live, buying and playing with dangerous objects, lack of activity, inappropriate feelings of guilt among many.  

The various methods of suicide can also be prevented by removing potentially dangerous objects from someone suspected to be suicidal. Treating people with mental illnesses with respect, dignity and getting them the help they need is imperative as well as ordinary people learning how to take care of and identify those who show the signs of it. The stigma surrounding suicide means those who have attempted it are not seeking the help they need. 
Keep in mind that those aged 15-29 are at a higher risk of committing suicide and more so if the come from lower socio-economic homes. 

However suicide occurs in all countries at all spheres of society. The risks increases in people who have tried committing suicide before, have mental health illnesses and dependency on drugs or alcohol, it is also prevalent when people who are in overwhelmed stages in their lives due to stress in their work or family lives and can’t cope anymore. In addition people who experience discrimination and exclusion from society as well as those who have experienced trauma such as natural disasters, violence, abuse and social isolation are at a higher risk.   
There are also worldwide initiatives that help raise awareness about suicide, namely the International Association For Suicide Prevention co- sponsored by the World Health Organisation and the RU okay foundation based in Australia. RU okay is a non-profit organisation centered around suicide prevention where people are encouraged to ask their loved ones ”Are you okay?”in an effort to allow people the space to talk freely about their struggles and not have to suffer in silence anymore. 

So today make sure to sincerely ask those around you “Are you okay?”  
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