Johannesburg – In recent weeks, much has been made of
Bitcoin reaching price parity with gold for the first time ever.

Some fans of the cryptocurrency have claimed that this
development is proof that Bitcoin is slowly but surely becoming a legitimate
asset class.

On the latest African Tech Round-up podcast, Simon
Dingle joins Andile Masuku on the show to comment on some
of the week’s biggest tech headlines, discuss the import (or lack thereof) of
Bitcoin’s recent surge, and share insights on the factors contributing to the
currency’s volatility. 

Listen in to better appreciate the challenge facing
lawmakers and economic regulators in Africa and around the world in terms of
governing the legalisation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Andile Masuku is a broadcaster and entrepreneur based in
Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the Executive Producer at Follow him on Twitter @MasukuAndile and The African
Tech Round-up @africanroundup.


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