The Young Independents (TYI) is all about the commemoration of South Africa’s young inspiring and aspiring leaders.

TYI would like to share stories of hope that serve to inspire our young generation of leaders. TYI chats to Jordan Beya on his cathartic journey:

We had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Jordan Beya; a 23-year-old property broker with an inspirational story that all should hear.

His story is one of tragedy and hardship as well as incredible courage and perseverance that could act as a pillar of hope especially to the struggling youth.

Jordan’s father was a mathematics professor at the University of Cape Town and the sole provider of the family until his untimely death when Jordan was still in primary school.

His father was murdered on his way home from work; one can only imagine the hardship and trauma he might have felt; having such trauma happen to yourself and your family at such a young age is unimaginable. Jordan; as young as he was, stepped up to the plate to look after his mother and five siblings.

The toughest obstacle he’s had to overcome besides the sudden death of his father was definitely poverty, he says.

As a young boy, he and his family arrived in South Africa from the DRC with nothing; “There were days where my family and I had to go to sleep on an empty stomach,” he says.

When asked how he overcome these difficulties he says he had constant support from his family, friends and mentors and that a positive mind set was all he needed to get through those tough times.

Coming from a good Christian household; his faith also played a major role in overcoming tough times.

“My mom always told me to keep praying and that is what I did.”

Jordan rates Mike Greeff, owner of Greeff Properties, as being one of his mentors. Greeff has inspired him through some of the obstacles he faced.

After matriculating high school Jordan went on to study Electrical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, but because of lack of finances he could not continue with his studies. He left to go and work at a shoe store at the V and A Waterfront, and this is where he met Mike.

Mike picks up the story. “The employee who was attending to me at the time had very little knowledge of the shoes I required, and I decided to leave the shop.”

“Jordan, who had just finished serving another customer, ran after me and said he had overheard what had been happening and offered his assistance. I returned to the shop and left with two pairs of shoes, but not before chatting to Jordan and finding out a bit about him.” says Mike.

He then gave Jordan his business card and invited him to call to take up a career in real estate as he believed that Jordan had all the right credentials to be a top agent.

“Jordan called me nine months later. I interviewed him four times. I confess it was a test of his dedication and he passed with flying colours and was punctual every time, in spite of having to travel by public transport from the northern suburbs to Kenilworth.’’

Jordan started at Greeff Properties as an administrative assistant and went on to impress everyone with his willingness to work hard and learn new skills. In a short amount of time he had graduated to selling property as an intern and is currently studying to achieve his NQF4.

“He is extremely intelligent, well spoken and well presented. His dedication, passion and skills are astounding. He impresses everyone he meets. He is such an asset to my company, and I believe, to South Africa.” says Mike of the young man.

Jordan says Mike is an inspiration to him because Mike too had to start from nothing and work his way up to be where he is today.

Even though Jordan managed to overcome his hardships he still faces tough trials today as a successful property broker.

“If anyone should be given a chance in life, it is Jordan Beya. I have invested in Jordan and I am convinced that he is a sterling character and believe that he should be offered every possible opportunity to be the spectacular individual he is,” says Mike of his mentee, and I can agree with that statement completely.

Jordan deserves every single opportunity and benefit he could possibly get out of this country; he is intelligent, hardworking and his story is one of hope, inspiration and perseverance and his hard work deserves to be recognised.

We can all take away from his story and know that no matter how hard you might think you have it; there is always light at the end of the tunnel if one does not give up hope.

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