If the thought of deleting all of your social media apps and going offline completely freaks you out…stop panicking!

Going offline isn’t as bad as you might think…

In fact it could actually be quite good for you.

Dr. Mark Hyman, an American physician, scholar and New York Times best-selling author lists a few reasons why a digital detox might be necessary.

He states that being connected online disconnects you from “Self”.

What does this mean?

Your addiction to your screen prevents you from habits that make you a healthier person…

You end up not having enough time for exercise, movement and play.

Dr. Hyman says, “These are important factors in achieving optimal health.

People who habitually sit have as much risk of dying as people who have bad diets or smoke.

Being sedentary also increases risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. If you think about it, sitting is the new smoking.”

He goes on to say that just having some downtime away from the screen is actually linked to healthier habits.

A 2014 Stanford University study found that creative output increased by an average of 60% in people who took regular walks.

It makes sense that people would prefer feeling healthy over feeling sluggish.

Too much screen time kills as well!

The more time in front of your screen means less time for face-to-face contact with other humans…

Dr Hyman says that this not only increases stress but also feelings of isolation and social anxiety.

In a new survey done by Joyable; 70% of millennials (those between the ages of 18 and 29) suffer from social anxiety.

Further more…out of the young adults who felt stress in a social situation, 51% of them say they depend on social media to get them through this, while 45% of them say it’s their smartphone that’s their go-to hiding place. (not going to lie; I definitely fall in that bracket).

But imagine how that anxiety wall can be broken down if we actually SPOKE to one another face-to-face and NOT FaceTime-to-FaceTime…

WATCH VIDEO: [Zuhaa Isaacs reports…]


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Away from the whole holistic side of things…comes the more serious risks and dangers of constantly being plugged in…

Too much screen time:

Too much screen time, especially before bed disrupts our circadian rhythms, affecting our hormones, our sleep and our energy.

“The artificial light coming from our screens delays melatonin secretion (needed for sleep); and we now know, that inadequate sleep can quickly sabotage our efforts at getting healthy and losing weight,” says Dr. Hyman.

I’m sure as you all know; sleep is a major factor when affecting your mood and having a more energetic, joyful, healthy life.

Other studies show that poor sleep contributes to cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, poor immune function and lower life expectancy.

Our bodies break down under the onslaught of stress – insomnia, anxiety, depression and all chronic disease are made worse by the unending stress from being constantly plugged in.


“Civil society group Right2Know is alleging that law enforcement is using a legislative loophole to force SA’s cellular operators hand over sensitive information about clients.”

This means that your precious and private information is being exposed without your consent.

More and more people are becoming digitally resistant purely because it makes them feel happier and allows them to be more productive.

And honestly; just being off of social media for a week as a stepping stone before going fully “digitally Amish” is a good step toward a healthier, desirable, and satisfactory life.

– Zuhaa Isaacs

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