CAPE TOWN – Not many will remember who designed the iconic smiley face and why it has remained popular to this day, but on October 7th, it gets its own day.

US graphic designer, Harvey Ball, is the man behind the smiling face.

The graphic was created in 1963, which was commissioned by insurance company, Worcester-Guarantee. At the time, the company was looking for an image that would easily be recognisable and boost the low morale at the office. The image was placed on banners, posters, pin-on buttons throughput the office and eventually caught the attention of local shops and history was made.

However, the image wasn’t patented therefore allowing other companies to create variations of the smiley face over the decades. despite Ball only paid $45 for the image, Ball is still given the recognition for the invention as this smile made a difference in popular culture.

So, if you’re feeling sad and lonely today, here are 10 things that will surely put a smile on your face this #WorldSmileDay:

1. This baby panda tumbling

Source: Twitter/@9GAG

2. This flow chart
Source: Twitter/@9GAG

3. Window washers who surprise children in hospitals dressed as superheroes
Source: Twitter/@BeautifuIW0RLD

4. Squirrels who forget where they left their nuts (no pun intended). At least new trees are grown.
Source: Twitter/@TheTerribleHook

5. A grumble is what you would call a group of pugs. #MindBlown
Source: Twitter/@Mugsy211

6. FACT: Want to know the fastest way to get oxytocin flowing in your body? Give someone a hug! (Panda alert)
Source: Twitter/@MeetAnimals

7. At birth, we were all the youngest person on planet Earth…that’s until another baby is born.
Source: Twitter/@LawChester

8. Male puppies, when playing with female puppies, will intentionally let the female win. #TrueLove
Source: Pinterest/

9. And yet another Pun Dog meme
Source: Twitter/@9GAG

10. Keep on smiling. It’s better to smile that not to smile at all. #HappyDoge
Source: Twitter/@sayanees

Somewhere in the world, someone is having a great day so spread the love and keep smiling…just like this kid!

Source: Pinterest/tracy valeri via Tech Help Canada

Happy #WorldSmileDay!!!
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