Noone really wants to meet the in-laws. It’s always a mind field when it concerns the first very encounter of in law and hopeful romantic partner.

Now imagine that the deciding factor lies with your partner’s parents and their verdict of your first encounter with them.


Local TV show, Date My Family (DMF) added a juicy twist to this already awkward situation by helping singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family and friends. Can singletons really trust family and friends to help them find love?

Do you recall your fears when you decided/were forced to meet your partner’s family? Now imagine being single and undergoing the same interrogation with absolutely no foundation to start with, at all. You won’t have a partner to hold your hand under the table when the questions get a bit too invasive!

15 reasons why #DateMyFamily is too juicy to ignore:

1. The infamous Luhle Khanyile

Remember singleton Luhle Khanyile? Well, it turns out that the families weren’t the only ones that were left unimpressed, as viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Apart from bashing Ntokozo’s cooking, Luhle added to our ‘men are trash’ list by being disrespectful to his hosts and being disparaging about Ntokozo being a virgin and a church-goer.

Luhle needs to turn to the light.

2. Why are there boundaries when it concerns hairstyles?

Sphamandla Zwane aka Mav-Mav, the 27-year-old stylist and model who hails from Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal had viewers talking…about his hairstyle.

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3. Infidelity

Dumisani Nhlapo, a 28-year-old LGBTQI activist from Orange Farm didn’t quite prepare for the thoroughness of Twitter’s users. Dumisani didn’t take into consideration that once you appear on the show, you can be sure the Twitter CIA will dig out any and all skeletons in your closet. In this case, it didn’t take them very long to find Dumisani’s Facebook confession, screengrab it and share it with the rest of DMF’s fans.

Even the producers have been getting the heat.

4. It has shown that Mzansi families have high standards. Very high standards.

Once again Dumisani Nhlapo will be used as an example:

5. DMF provides tips on how to conduct yourself properly when meeting your partner’s family for the first time.

6. DMF Driver Bae & Camera Bae

The suave and dashing DMF driver has been capturing the eyes of Mzansi. Yes, the driver who transports the singletons to their ‘family dates’ gets all sorts of attention from girls who have been rejected. They pine over him and some even ask if they can go on a date with him instead.

The poor guy has to try and get into the car as quickly as possible. It’s ‘Driver bae’ who usually steals the show as ladies keep showering him with compliments every Sunday.

Camera Bae also got his moment to shine albeit for his impressive video panning skills.

7. DMF airs in Zambia.

MultiChoice Africa and M-Net broadcast DMF on M-Net’s Zambezi Magic (DStv 160) channel in Southern Africa, excluding South Africa.

8. The show has had epic fails on national TV.

Nonceba Maloba, a 24-year-old nurse from Boksburg said she was looking for a man with lots of muscles, he must be tall and handsome, who is a ‘cotton eater’, he must dress well and smell good too.

Nonceba dined with three families, and she enjoyed the food so much that she farted on national television. She declared that farting is one of her favourite things to do.

9. DMF: Taboo for who?

The show has been praised for not shying away from interracial and homosexual relationships.

Also in a recent episode, Steven dined with three black families in their homes, who were initially shocked to find a white guy at their front door. They recovered well and had a great time.

10. It’s never too late to find love.

DMF proved to us that it is never too late to find companionship, no matter your age or history. Viewers have been raving about how the show is living up to its potential, portraying ‘real love’ and maturity. While the show initially focused on young people looking for love, it’s diversified to include people of all ages. 41-year-old Golden was in search of a long-term relationship with one of the potential dates, a mother of two children.

11. The tweets have been LIT!

Twitter on Sunday evenings is where it’s at. DMF trends religiously every week, thanks to running commentary from fellow passionate followers of the show. The tweets are almost as entertaining as watching the show itself.

12. The show exposes the cracks in unstable family and friend dynamics

They say “be careful who you call your friends”. This was proven true when the friend of the participant, Gugu, started flirting with her bestie’s potential boyfriend. 26-year-old Masava, aka Amos, who dined with three families in a quest to find the woman of his dreams got more than he bargained for when he asked Gugu’s friend Nokwazi where she lives.

“We’re staying in Maboneng. When you’re in the area, holla at me,” she said. Even Gugu, who was watching from a separate location, picked up that her best friend was flirting with Amos.

13. Twitter ‘investigators’ play a major role in DMF

14. Your style and fashion sense can either get you hitched or roasted.

15. Money, money, money

They say love conquers all, however, it’s apparent that some candidates consider the possession of a car determines whether they will love you or not. How many times has a family asked if the guy has a car?

But we wonder what any of that has to do with finding love…

One thing for sure, ever since DMF has hit Mzansi screens, Twitter has never been more wonderfully LIT.

Date My Family (DStv 161) airs on Mzansi Magic, every Sunday at 18:00.
Rating: PG13L

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