Linda Mtoba has a face that could launch a thousand ships. Apart from her dreamy eyes, adorable smile and crazily gorgeous lips, Mtoba just oozes the ‘it’ factor.

She is talented, graceful and simply, unforgettable. Her claim to fame was being cast as the character Zama Ngwenya on TV series ‘Isibaya’, where she has been stealing the hearts of Mzansi viewers.

What do we really know about this talented African goddess who made a name for herself in the entertainment industry by absolute chance?

Here are 27 interesting facts about Linda Mtoba:

1. Mtoba was born in 1991 in uMlazi, south of Durban.

2. Mtoba was a lower primary school teacher before she became famous. She taught IsiZulu until a friend encouraged her to audition for the Isibaya open casting call.

3. Mtoba had no experience in acting before being cast for Isibaya.

4. When she got the call from the producers they flew her up to Johannesburg and the very same day she had to act out scenes with seasoned actors like Menzi Ngubane and Thuli Thabethe, her on-screen family.

5. Although Mtoba enjoys her new career path, she initially found the early mornings and dealing with fame difficult.

6. One of the biggest lessons she learnt was from her on-screen father, Ngubane. Ngubane told her that acting isn’t a job – it’s a craft and an actor needs to be diligent. He advised her to constantly practise, take her script home, learn her lines and be invested in her character.

7. Mtoba was linked to a dress controversy earlier this month after pictures from a wardrobe fitting showed her wearing a dress similar to the one Minnie Dlamini wore to her umembeso last year.

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8. While acting is at the top of her list, Mtoba is also studying marketing management, part-time.

9. She has over 405 000 followers on Instagram.

10. She adores Disney and shares her obsession via Instagram.

Linda Mtoba channeling her inner Disney Princess. #MissSA2017 #unmisssable

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11. Mtoba was raised by a single mother, whom she claims was very strict and when the street lights went off, she had to be inside or else her mom would scold her.

12. At the age of 13, Mtoba lost her father.

13. There is an eight-year gap between her brother and her.

14. A man once offered Mtoba R100 000 just to have a date with her.

15. One of Mtoba’s most favourite places in the world is France.

Lovely little weekend away 💓Nice, I will be back!

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16. Steven Meyer was her boyfriend of six years before they tied the knot.

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17. The actress got married last year to husband Steven Meyer in two extravagant ceremonies.

18. Although she is famous, Mtoba stays true to her roots and currently resides in Durban North.

19. Mtoba describes herself as transparent, a loud mouth, very talkative and someone who likes funny memes.

20. She is starstruck by fellow actor, Menzi Ngubane, who became famous by appearing on the TV series ‘Generations’.

My Favourite Actor In SA #MenziNgubane

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21. Before Mtoba got married in 2017, no one knew that she was engaged until she posted a picture with a ring on her wedding finger.

22. Mtoba loves showing off bae.

#LindaMtoba serving #NubianQueen feelz on her wedding day 😍

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23. She describes her style as simple, basic and easy.

Black comes easy… #AGirlWithAWholeLotOfDisney 🎈

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24. Mtoba does not go a day without applying sunscreen, which she believes is the key to helping her look flawless.

25. Mtoba loves listening to people and trying to help.

26. If Mtoba wasn’t acting, she would choose to be a full-time mother taking care of her family.

27. It was a sad ending when Mtoba’s character, Zama passed away on the TV series ‘Isibaya’. Mtoba hinted that she would be on a new show but was reluctant to offer any details. She suggests we stay glued to Dstv’s new channel, 1Magic.

Though she will be sorely missed as Zama, there is no doubt that she will be back soon, and keeping Mzansi glued to their television sets.

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