Being trendy, cool and stylish in the peak of summer can be too much of mission especially at the hottest times of the day.

We just got back from the holiday’s and we’re still conditioning ourselves into the usual workplace routine.

While custom suits and imported silk ties look great, let’s face the truth – Not all young people rock that look or can even afford that kind of wardrobe.

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So here are the wardrobe essential’s for every man in summer, who is trying to rock the business look and still look young and fashionable.

1. Shirt

The fitted shirt style is very popular among men. Some of the most popular shirt patterns include flowers, abstracts, stripes and a variation between cells and the forever-fashionable prints.

2. Pants

Everyone is unique and built differently, so know that what suits your body type will be an end to all you pants problems.

Take time to figure out your body so you can best dress for it.

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3. Accessories

The trick here is diversity, taking a formal look and making it casual can either make you or break you in the fashion world.

So accessories can be the perfect bridge between the casual look and your business look.

Choose the right item and your outfit will change, depending on your personal style.

Try these tweaks.

Happy Socks

It’s business time. ?

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Men’s floral patten ?#PocketSquare

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