Arguing is natural in all relationships but some arguments can usually be avoided. 

Author and wellness educator Yvette Ratshikhopha shared a few ways people can avoid having unnecessary arguments within their relationships. She shared these tips in a thread on Twitter.

1. Seek clarity 

Ratshikhopha wrote that you should not make assumptions. “Ask, what did you mean when you said… or is this what you meant when you said…” she suggested.

2. Benefit of the doubt 

The author suggested that you give your partner the benefit of the doubt and expect the best. “When we always expect the worst we react from fear and the emotion we react from might cloud our judgement,” she wrote.

3. Address issues as they arise 

Ratshikhopha advised that you address things as they come, do not let them build up. Talk about things even when they make you uncomfortable. “Sometimes people push things under the rug only to bring them up in another disagreement. By then your anger has built up and the other party might not understand why,” she wrote.

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