Summer days are not always one of the best days for people with long hair, because it means spending most of your time trying to figure out how to get your strands off your face and neck as fast as humanly possible.

Dealing with sweat and frizz is also not one of the fun things to do especially on a hot, summer day.

Rocking ponytails and simple messy buns can get boring and make you look as if you are going to the gym or perhaps just having a lazy day.

If you have been looking for more easy and fabulous looks to rock your long hair this summer, I have four solutions for you.

1. Low pony

Mmmm… you heard correctly. Yes, I said low pony tails. Of course I don’t mean your normal boring one though. Add some class to your ordinary ponytail by switching your pony tail end to your best shoulder side.

This style results in a clean, stylish and classic look which you can pull out for work or a dinner date.

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2. Messy top bun

Messy buns add a chic natural appeal to any look.

To make things more interesting- Add hair accessories to make the look different, it can be a natural braided crown all around the bun or just add a jeweled hairclip that best describes your own personal style.

3. The twisted fishtail

Twisted fishtails are one of the prettiest hairstyles in the entire world but it’s also one of the hardest according to most girls. Usually we depend on mommy dearest to make the best twisted fishtail. I’m here to help you with these easy steps.

Part your hair into 3 sections, and fish tail braid, repeat the process until the edge of the hair is a desirable length.

4. Beach waves

If you are not already annoyed with flat ironing your hair to keep it straight, here’s another reason to love your natural beach waves look.

All you need for this look is a few minutes and any brand of your choice of wavy spray, then you’re ready to rock your beachy waves like a boss.

This look best goes with dresses.

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