It’s a new year and a new beginning calls for a spankingly new and transformed bedroom.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make as millennials is neglecting the upkeep of our room at home, because we assume no one else will see it.

But this should be your new year’s resolution for 2017, because (reality check) our bedrooms are our sanctity, the space that most of us frequent and it is where we get to recharge after a long chaotic day, so why not turn it into a palace?

We are here to help you decorate your bedroom with inexpensive materials and give it the feel that best describes you.

The following ideas should be a great start for a beginner:

1. Turn your sheets

Change your sheets and pillows for a seasonal change and add personality by adding colours/decorations that best describes you.

It’s 2017, so break the rules and stop going for the uniform bedding look.

Add something different by mixing different colours that go together with your bed.

Few feelings compare to jumping into a perfectly made bed on a Monday night. #MyParachuteHome ? by @maragreenwald.

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*Tip: For a modern, clean look, use any width of stripes of your choice for your pillow case or duvet cover.

2. Highlight the focal point

There must be one favorite item in your room that should steal someone’s attention when they enter your room.

In most people’s cases it’s their bed.

Highlight attention to your bed by painting your walls with neutral colours and put a painting on the background or use bedding that will be hard to ignore.

*Tip: Avoid putting many pillows or crowding your bed with too many teddy bears when trying to use items that draw attention to your bed.

They are cute but when they start filling up the bed, it gives it a 12 year old personality. Also how on earth do you find space to actually sleep on the bed?

This only works if you are going for a playful finish…really playful finish.

3. Add style

Add framed pictures, a dream/concept board, vinyl records, side lamps or pictures to bring life and personality into your room.

This is the opportunity to express your personality and key signature.

Ideas may vary from your favorite sport person, old music collection or aspect of your belief and culture.

*Tip: Be careful not to add clutter instead of style into your room.

It’s always good to have a plan of what you are hanging on your wall before putting it up, and bare in mind that the lesser you put up the more you avoid clutter.

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4. Go green

Plants are a great way to add colour and life to your room.

Plants don’t just add brightness to your room, however they also freshen the atmosphere in your room.

*Tip: Too many plants might turn your room into a botanist’s wet dream.

Avoid putting in too many plants in your room as this might make your room look busy. Less is better.

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