It’s time to retire some of your old ways and move forward with time.

All roads have an end and some fashion trends simply need to take a really long, long rest.

Here are 4 trends you should (strong, strong suggestion) leave behind in 2016.


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Once upon a time they used to be sexy and had an all-eyes-on-me effect. Now they attract the crowd for all the wrong reasons because…well…the trend is just…tired.


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They used to be cool during ’90s but now it’s high time that they go back to where they belong- the past.

It made a cool come-back for a while, but now it just looks disturbing.

If you are not comfortable in showing your skin, just take it off and put in on a long sleeved shirt.

It’s either you are ready to show it off or just don’t wear it at all.


They were solely created for exercise work outs, not as a substitute for jeans.

Get that one clear. We’re tired of seeing people walking around malls with leggings and crop tops (It’s tacky).

If you want to live a healthier and far more fashionable life, then wear your leggings to the gym. Just the gym.


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They are just out of fashion, whether you want to take the boho chic route in 2017, they are generally unflattering.

If you don’t want your jeans to be a tight around your thighs, replace it with the ultra trendy and current “Boyfriend jeans”.

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