Ready to rethink your workout routine to suit those lazy days or busy mornings schedules? Well, you’ve come to the right place, we can help you bring your sexy back.

Here’s a quick 5-day guide to help you get your desired rock hard body without breaking a leg, straining a muscle or even digging deep into your pocket for those unpleasant membership payments followed by long hours at the gym without the desired outcome.

By the way who said training or exercising should take hours?

You can get your body in shape without those long dreaded hours at the gym. Just add these simple tweaks to your lifestyle and before you know it people will start calling you Mr. Muscle.

Below is the training plan you can follow for five days adapted from Men’s Fitness, it’s quick and easy exercises you can do them before you take a shower in the morning or right after you regular jog routine.

Day one

Jumping Jacks– 60 seconds
Body-Weight Squats– 30 seconds
Plank– 60 seconds
Mountain Climbers– 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

Day Two

Russian Twist- 30 reps
Superset with:
Medicine ball crunches- 12 reps
Complete 4 sets
Rest 20-45 seconds

Day Three

Plank to Push Up- 20 seconds
Mountain Climbers- 20 seconds
V-Ups- 20 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Repeat 5x

Day four

Jump Squats– 20 reps
Push-Ups– 20 reps
Plank + Arm Lift– 20 taps (10 each)
Repeat 4x

Day five

Star Jumps- 10 reps
Wall Sits- 20 seconds
Side Planks- up/downs x 10 reps per side
Rest 30 seconds
Repeat 5x

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Sourced: Men’s Fitness
Article was first published in 2017
Categories: Featured News