Get your sweaters, blankets and hot chocolate ready because winter is now in full swing. Netflix has an array of offers this month that fans can snuggle up to after a long day at work or on the weekends. 

13 Reasons Why: Season 4 coming on June 5

In the powerful final season of 13 Reasons Why, Liberty High School’s Senior Class prepares for graduation. But before they can say goodbye, the crew of friends will have to band together one last time to keep a dangerous secret buried, try to make peace with the past four years, and face final, heartbreaking choices that might alter their lives forever. 

13 REASONS WHY Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen in episode 103 of 13 Reasons Why. Cr. DAVID MOIR/NETFLIX 2020. Picture: Supplied

Showrunner Brian Yorkey and stars Dylan Minette, Grace Saif, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Miles Heizer, Ross Butler, and Devin Druid return for a fourth and final season that’s full of twists, turns, and the resounding message that you can’t move forward if you’re still haunted by the past. 

Queer Eye: Season 5 coming on June 5

The Fab Five head to historic Philadelphia to make over a new cast of everyday heroes, from a hardworking DJ to a struggling dog groomer.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 12 coming June 14

Netflix is finally bringing the final season of the Big Bang Theory to fans all over South Africa this June. Some audience reviews said they cried at the end of this season so be prepared with some tissues.

The Politician: Season 2 coming on June 19

Double crosses, a three-way relationship and a single-issue candidate add up to a mud-flinging race for State Senate that Payton will do anything to win.

Dark: Season 3 coming on June 27

The time-twisting madness reaches its conclusion in a strange new world, where some things are quite familiar — and others are disturbingly not.