If you’re craving some real girl power then the ‘Girl in the Spiders Web’ is the movie to watch. With a whip-smart plot, stunning cinematography, awesome action, the movie really is a must-watch. 

Introducing the much-anticipated sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl In The Spider’s Web, the latest installment in the famed Millennium series, which promises to pack even more punches than the previous films.

So, as excitement builds around this new blockbuster, here’s five reasons why it’s the only film which needs to be on your radar… 

1) Claire Foy is fierce

Everyone has heard about Claire Foy’s turn as The Queen in The Crown, but she has swapped her crown and throne for leathers and a laptop in her very different role as Lisbeth in The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

Playing the reclusive computer-hacker with a penchant for justice, punk clothing and a jet black fauxhawk, Foy is totally transformed into one of modern cinema’s most enigmatic survivors.

Not one for long monologues, Foy’s Lisbeth is a woman of action; bringing vengeance, carrying out computer wizardry or simply showing off during some insane motorbike stunts around Stockholm.

This is seriously formidable Foy that will leave you wanting more – and feeling slightly scared…

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2) And… ACTION!

From the moment we are introduced to Lisbeth in the latest film, we know she’s not in the mood for hanging around – but she doesn’t mind if somebody else does.

Entering the home of an abused wife who has just been left bleeding by her violent husband, she strings the man up to the ceiling, before transferring all his cash to his long-suffering partner and two women he escaped conviction for attacking.

This sets the tone for the film’s action scenes – from car chases to huge explosions, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat throughout the nail-biting plot. 

3) Tech tips to push your buttons 

Whether you’re baffled or fascinated by the future of technology – and how it can be used to terrorise people – this is the ultimate insight into the sinister world of hacking. 

Very quickly, you become acutely aware of how someone with brains like Lisbeth could, all too easily, bring down an entire city – or even a country. With the click of a button, she’s able to interfere with CCTV, drive vehicles without even being in them and take out the security measures in an airport. 

4) Time of change  

In terms of cinema, Lisbeth is a landmark character – a dark vigilante and cyber mercenary who doesn’t use her skills for her own gain, but for the good of people suffering because of abuse of power.

Lisbeth’s actions throughout the Millennium series all come back to the same point – to avenge those without a voice. 

It’s a powerful message – one that really resonates in a post #metoo world.

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5) A killer cast offers double trouble

While Claire offers a kick-ass lead, she couldn’t provide such a powerful performance without a cast of killer co-stars.

And this is a movie which is jam-packed full of scene-stealers – and double trouble. No more so than Sylvia Hoeks, who plays Camilla – the mystery woman who forces Lisbeth to face up to her long-forgotten past.

This is a meeting that will leave you breathless, as the pair have to face their troubled history – and each other – head on.

Alongside this act is amazing performances from Sverrir Gudnason, who takes on the role of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, LaKeith Stanfield as head of the NSA Edwin Neeham and Stephen Merchant, who plays a nuclear weapons coder desperately in need of help.

Now, that’s one explosive cast!

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