Having the perfect eyebrows has become a very important part of people’s makeup routines.  A leading eyebrow expert has revealed the top five fuss-free tips every eyebrow-lover should know.

Hannah Mutze works as a national brow artist for Benefit Australia, and said when your eyebrows are working for your face, you can look younger instantly.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Hannah shared the five tricks every woman should know about their eyebrows – and why brushing them with a toothbrush each morning will make them the fullest they have ever been.


Brush your brows daily 

The first thing Hannah said we should all be doing is brushing our brows daily with a clean toothbrush for ‘tip top brow health’.  

‘You can either use a spoolie or a clean toothbrush to brush through each morning before you apply any product,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘The bristles gently exfoliate and stimulate the skin beneath, which can result in additional brow growth.’

She also said that brushing your eyebrows before you apply any product makes for an easier job, as you’ll be able to see where your brows need the most product and the gaps that need to be filled.


‘I recommend women brush their eyebrows up and outwards towards the temple for an instantly lifted and eye-opening finish,’ Hannah said.

Layer to make your products last

While many of us think that all our eyebrows need is a little bit of pencil to get them looking their best, Hannah said if you want to get red carpet brows at home, then you should layer products.

‘Lay a base coat with your brow pencil, and then add a brow powder on top,’ Hannah said.

‘Think of it like skincare: your pencil is a kind of primer, and the powder is like your foundation setting powder – it will set and secure your brow product in place.’

Benefit’s new Brow Styler comes with both a waterproof wax pencil and loose filling powder that is set to keep your makeup in place for 18 hours. 


‘You should also think about the texture and finish,’ Hannah said.

‘Natural-looking brows have hair-like texture throughout. You can fake a textured finish with a brow fibre gel, which will also make them look thicker.’

Consider the tip of your pencil

According to Hannah, the tip of your brow pencil is very important when considering what you need with your eyebrows.

‘The shape of your brow pencil determines its purpose,’ she said.

‘Micro fine tips are designed for hair-like strokes and natural-looking fullness rather than completely filled-in brows.


‘Wider teardrop or diamond-shaped tips work best for shaping and filling in the whole brow and can be used for natural or bolder styles.’ 

Hannah said you should ‘always’ set your eyebrows with a strong hold gel. 

‘Consider these the strong hold hair spray of the brow world, setting gels tame and hold any unruly hairs in place and layer on a healthy, glossy top coat,’ she said. 

4. Try a tint

If you’re the sort of person who simply doesn’t have time in the morning to put makeup on your eyebrows, then brow tinting needs to be your new best friend.


‘Having a brow tint is like waking up with makeup on as your brows look thicker and more defined for up to four weeks,’ Hannah said.

The process takes around 15 minutes and completely minimises the need for and time required for product application. 

5. Choose waterproof formulas

Lastly, when shopping for brow products, make sure you choose waterproof formulas if you want your makeup to last all day.

‘Not all brow products are created equal,’ Hannah said.


‘It’s important to ensure your brow pencil, powder and gel is water resistant or waterproof.’

She said by doing this, you’ll ensure your makeup doesn’t smudge through the day, and it will also survive any downpours. 

-Daily Mail