Death plays a huge part in our lives whether we like it or not. As we become older and start forming meaningful relationships with others – friends, family and co-workers – our roles as supportive figures when death occurs become stronger and more defined. 

But how do we do it properly? Helping someone who is grieving can be tricky: The best thing you can do is to show your grieving friend that you’re there for them. 

Here are five ways you can help someone while they are grieving.

5 Ways to console a grieving friend. Picture: Pexels

Offer them practical support around the house

Offering practical help is a good way to go. When people are grieving, all the chores and tasks they do on a daily basis may seem really complicated. You can take this opportunity to step in and help out where it’s needed most. 

Assisting with meals can be a huge support. A quality, nutritious meal is particularly important at a time like this. Cape Town’s Gia’s Kitchen, a local food supplier specialises in making nutritious frozen meals designed for customers’ freezers, provides the ultimate convenience for readily delicious meals at home. Stacking up the freezer for a family going through a difficult time with their favourite home-cooked meals is a great way to help out. 

Be their voice during this difficult time

When someone is grieving, it’s normal for them to want to close themselves off from the world and not speak to anyone. As a friend, you could offer to speak on their behalf during this difficult time. Whether it’s sharing the sad news about the deceased, speaking to doctors or making arrangements for the funeral, your involvement is bound to help. 

5 Ways to console a grieving friend. Picture: Pexels

Give them space and allow them to be sad

Losing someone you love is not something you can get over in a few days. Allow the person grieving to be fully invested in their emotions. This can mean that you don’t contact them too often. Rather, allow them to process everything in their own way. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief – the best thing you can do is just sit back and let them take it all in on their own. 

Support them in the long run

When a friend or family member is grieving, everyone in that person’s life is willing to help out where they can. Sadly, this support dries up after a month or so, after the initial shock about the death has worn off.  Therefore it’s important to show your support even when your friend seems perfectly fine. So, when the checkup calls from family and friends stop happening, make sure you’re there to show the loving support your friend needs. 

5 Ways to console a grieving friend. Picture: Pexels

Do not try and make sense of everything

Whether you believe the deceased is better off in Heaven, or that everything happens for a reason, the best thing you can do is keep those beliefs to yourself. It doesn’t matter how comforting you may seem, it’s best to keep quiet and just listen to everything your grieving friend has to say.