Apple’s AirPods Pro have sparked a series of memes on the internet in just a few days of being unveiled to the public – with many fans saying they resemble the Pokémon Bellsprout.

The Airpods Pro design has been completely revamped from its predecessor, as it now boasts flexible silicone ear tips on the ends.

However, the design has been ridiculed by fans, suggesting AirPods Pro look like a hairdryer, the Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies, shower heads, the Pixar lamp and a water cannon from Super Mario Sunshine.

Many people flocked to Twitter to ridicule Apple’s new design, as first reported by Mashable.

Some have compared them to a hairdryer and another Twitter users said, ‘Mario been rocking the Airpods Pro since ’02’ as he shared an image of Mario carrying an AirPods Pro on his back. 

Apple has unveiled its highly-anticipated AirPods Pro earbuds that feature Noise Cancellation and immersive sound functionality this afternoon.

Users can choose from three different sizes for a more personalized fit that boast a flexible silicone ear tips that conforms to the contours of each individual ear. 

AirPods Pro can be ordered on the tech giant’s website for $249 (R3 731) – almost $60 (R900) more than its predecessor 

Hints of Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds surfaced earlier this month when Guilherme Rambo with 9to5Mac who was combing through the iOS 13.2 looking for any hidden secrets.

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Rambo found the icon tucked away in accessibility settings, which he said suggest the new AirPods will work similar to hearing aids – and the image was very close to the truth.

The redesigned AirPods features Active Noise Cancellation and superior, immersive sound in an all-new lightweight, in-ear design. AirPods Pro are available to order on and the Apple Store app starting today and in stores beginning Wednesday, October 30.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing said, ‘AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world.’

‘The one-tap setup experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made them a beloved Apple product, and with AirPods Pro, we’re taking the magic even further.’

‘The new in-ear AirPods Pro sound amazing with Adaptive EQ, fit comfortably with flexible ear tips and have innovative Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode.’

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‘We think customers are going to love this new addition to the AirPods family.’

The new set comes with its own charging case like its predecessor, but the design has been completely changed.

The buds now come in three different sizes and boast flexible silicone ear tips that conform to the contours of each individual ear – Apple noted that this design is ‘a critical factor in delivering immersive sound’.

To add even more comfort, AirPods Pro were built with a ventilation system, that equalizes pressure to minimize the discomfort common in other in-ear designs.

And they are also sweat- and water-resistant.

There are two microphones on the buds that work with advanced software to continuously adapt to each individual ear and headphone fit.

‘This removes background noise to provide a uniquely customized, superior noise-canceling experience that allows a user to focus on what they’re listening to — whether it’s a favorite song or a phone conversation,’ according to Apple.

The first one, analyzes sound around the wearer and the earbuds are able to create an equivalent anti-noise that cancels out background noise before it reaches the listener’s ear.

A second inward-facing microphone listens toward the ear, and AirPods Pro cancel remaining noise detected by the microphone.

And noise cancellation continuously adapts the sound signal 200 times per second.

AiPods Pro can also amplify sound to produce ‘pure, incredibly clear sound while also extending battery life, and powers a custom high-excursion, low-distortion speaker driver designed to optimize audio quality and remove background noise,’ explained Apple.

There is also a transparency mode that lets you listen to music, podcasts or shows, but still hear the world around you.

Users can get about 4.5 hours of continuous play with the new earbuds and through additional charges from the Wireless Charging Case, AirPods Pro deliver over 24 hours of listening time or over 18 hours of talk time.

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