Television personality, entrepreneur and model, Ayanda Thabethe, revealed during a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram that she is now single. 

The beauty had been dating former Dreamteam member, Zulu Mkhathini for a while. 

The two frequently posted pictures of each other on social media until a few months ago. There were reports claiming the couple had split but none of them had confirmed the split until now. 

During an Instagram stories Q&A, a fan asked Thabethe if she was still dating Zulu Mkhathini to which she responded, “I’m single again. I’ll always think the world of him.”

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When another follower asked if she was dating anyone she responded, “Queening on my own right now.” 

Breakups are hard, especially for celebrities who are always in the public eye but there is no doubt that Thabethe and Mkhathini are going to be just fine. Thabethe and Mkhathini’s careers continue to grow exceptionally. 

After the success of Mkhathini’s single, Uniform, the musician and TV host released yet another single titled Nga2, which received rave reviews from fans.

Even though they have gone their separate ways, we can’t deny that they made a really cute couple.

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