With only six days left before we reveal TYI’s SADC Top 100 of 2019, the founder of TYI Mike Ntasa has a message for the youth in the continent:

As the world gears itself to usher in the 2020’s it does so with a sense of urgency regarding the need to do things differently with a particular focus on unearthing opportunities for growth and sustainable development for our burgeoning youth contingent.

Key to securing a brighter future for young people is their involvement at decision making level in processes that seek to mold the global political, economic and social systems to ensure they respond positively to their interests. There is an urgent yearning among young people for conditions that enable them to drive positive change and contribute to human development.

Since inception in 2016 The Young Independents (TYI) SADC Top 100 Young Leaders has made a sterling contribution in encouraging youth growth, fostering a good leadership model and advancing the cause of youth empowerment.

Through networking and robust interaction TYI continues to seek out and celebrate young change makers who go beyond the call of duty to influence positive development in their communities. From diverse backgrounds and by using their talents to generate innovative ideas, these are individuals have worked selflessly and tirelessly to improve people’s lives and provide forward-looking solutions to society’s contemporary challenges.

Mike Ntasa. Picture: Supplied

Having started out with a focus on South African youths, TYI has grown to cover the SADC region, identifying and celebrating young people who give off themselves to create lasting solutions and provide opportunities for their peers and communities.

The Young Independents (TYI’s) SADC Top 100 Young Leaders 2019 continues with that tradition and we are proud to unveil the youth game changers whose light continues to shine brightly. They join a community of youth cadres who are pushing boundaries in their various spaces and beyond. 

With over 1000 entries and a painstaking judging process, the Top 100, proved that the project is growing in leaps and bounds each year as it unearths young talent that is a force for social progress and economic prowess.

We congratulate all the entrants for their contribution to human development in their various spheres of influence – be it the private sector, public sector or society in general.

We also congratulate the young people who made the winners’  for their steadfast resolve to influence positive change and inspire the next generation of youth leaders to be part of the solution to Africa’s challenges.

This is testament to the truth that youth, united and working in common purpose can achieve more for our planet. Working together, young people have the wherewithal to accelerate action and provide innovative solutions to societal, political, social, economic and environmental challenges.