Trying to figure out exactly where you might stand when you’re dating someone new can be a major challenge.

While conversation allows you to connect with a person on one level, ‘reading’ their body language might give you other insights previously overlooked.

Australian body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler explained there are a number of ‘tells’ or signals a person may display to indicate their feelings towards you. 

Speaking to Daily Mail, Dr. Mahler outlined how distance, touch and voice can be ‘read’ positively, as well as when these may show disinterest.

One of the first things to take into consideration over the course of a date is the seating arrangement, Dr. Mahler advised.

‘It’s about whether the person is close to you – within their leg distance – that means kicking distance, and is leaning in towards you,’ she told the publication.

If a person positions themselves in a way that’s physically close, this can be read as a sign they feel both relaxed and comfortable in your company.


Conversely, the body expert notes if your date’s body is ‘angled’ away from you or they’re sitting further than ‘kicking distance’ read this as a sign there’s no interest.

‘If their body is at an angle, away from you, their feet will be pointing away from you too, which is a sign they want to walk away,’ she said.

Watch for folded arms and crossed legs as this type of body language can suggest ‘protection’ and be read as a lack of interest.

Eye contact, especially if it’s sustained, can also be deciphered as a signal your date is attracted to you, Dr. Mahler said.

However, she advises staring shouldn’t be read as a positive sign. Those who avoid eye contact should also be ‘read’ as being disinterested.

Dr. Mahler added those dating shouldn’t underestimate touch as an important indicator of interest or attraction.

This doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. A small brush of the arm can be as telling as reaching over to hold a person’s hand. 


Given much of a date will be spent talking to another person, it pays to listen closely to the sound of their voice.

If your date is speaking in breathy tones, this may indicate sexual attraction.

The vocal cords, as with other areas of the body, tend to swell when excited, explains Dr. Mahler.

‘I mean, there is little extra breath in their voice and the pitch is lower. They are all signs of sexual attraction.’

On the flip side, the expert advises voice changes can also reveal a lack of interest.


-Daily Mail

The expert said their voice may sound broken, or stilted, or even high pitched, a change that’s a result of them holding their breath.