“It’s my dream and I want people to see that I’m capable of many things…it will be powerful,” says Dr Malinga.

After a typically frenzied festive season performing at venues around the country, all Dr Malinga really wants is to spend some time with his wife and their two children. 

Last year was a particularly fulfilling year that saw the veteran house musician release his sophomore album, Goodwill. 

It’s the first album under his independent label, Lingas Entertainment, and he gave it his first name as a nod to the hard work he’s put into building the company since he founded it nearly a decade ago. 

Goodwill is a double-disc consisting of 26 songs that Malinga hopes will cater for everyone. 

“I know in house music I don’t just please young people, I please everyone. I just said let me go back to my roots and do different genres. 

Genres that those people who knew Dr Malinga before know.
The Afro jazz and Afro pop side. The romantic side of Dr Malinga. And also the one that they know, which is house music.”

Lingas Entertainment is doing very well. “We’re everywhere and we’re booked. We’re not hungry,” he says, beaming with pride at the label’s success.

“I did the backing vocals on all the songs in the album, apart from two songs. Everything is me, except the production side where I used different people. I just said let me use these new boys. The only big names on the album are Dj Glock and CiCi. The others you don’t know, I’m introducing them to you.”

Dr Malinga’s passion for music started at an early age and, laughing at his own joke, he says his label was founded when he was born and only formally registered in 2008. 

“I was born a singer. But you know my mother is not Jesus who can know that this child will be a star. She didn’t even realise that I was crying uniquely.” 

Dr Malinga has a reputation as a funny man. 

This plays out through his unconventional dance moves and quirky fashion sense. 

“I’m a born entertainer,” he says when I ask if there was a specific moment he realised he had a special talent for music. “Sometimes I feel underrated. I want to give people laughter. 

I’m the person who can put my pants high up next to my heart just to make people laugh. Whether people like it or not, they’re entertained by Dr Malinga. 
I can attract you on stage. You’ll dance with me, because you can see I’m participating.” 

His famous dance move, which he calls the Linga dance, was inspired by his desire to stand out. His signature dress style, characterised by his two-tone half suits, is also born out of his desire to entertain. 

“I’m doing what I love, and guess what? These things work for me. I was able to build a house for my parents. Two houses for my mother and my grandmother, cash.”

Dr Malinga is plotting a special mission this year: to fill up Peter Mokaba Stadium. 

“It’s my dream. I want people to see that I’m capable of many things. They will be so entertained by the legend Dr Malinga. Production-wise, it will be powerful.” 

Peter Mokaba is a 46 000-capacity stadium, but he isn’t intimidated by this. 

“With the belief that I have, Peter Mokaba will be full.”

In a bid to steer clear of the Cassper Nyovest comparison, he’s considering calling it The Dr Malinga Concert, and he’s just waiting to find sponsors before he confirms a date for the show. 

“I want people to say, ‘If Dr Malinga can do it from Hammanskraal, anyone can do it because we’re born in the same world as Dr Malinga.’”

– Tonight

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