Facebook under attack again come under fire for invading its member’s privacy.

The app is activating iPhone cameras without the user’s knowledge while they are scrolling through the platform.

The issue seems to only plague smartphones that are operating on iOS 13.2.2 and occur when a user swipes ‘rapidly’ through the app. 

Joshua Maddux was the first to shed light on this issue and shared a video on Twitter showing how it works.

‘Found a @facebook #security & #privacy issue. When the app is open it actively uses the camera,’ Maddux wrote in the post.

‘I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet.’

Through more testing, he also discovered that this issue only seems to plague iOS devices running on 13.2.2, as first reported by The Next Web.

A Facebook spokesperson told the DailyMail in an email, ‘We recently discovered that version 244 of the Facebook iOS app would incorrectly launch in landscape mode. In fixing that issue last week in v246 (launched on November 8th) we inadvertently introduced a bug that caused the app to partially navigate to the camera screen adjacent to News Feed when users tapped on photos.’ 

‘We have seen no evidence of photos or videos being uploaded due to this bug. 

‘We’re submitting the fix for this to Apple today.’

However, Maddux was not sold on the idea that the camera turning on was an unintentional event.

‘Yes…. You are using this “bug” to look into peoples private lives. Haha,’ Maddux replied to Rosen’s tweet who suggested at the time it was a bug.

The issue seems to be triggered when a user clicks on an ad and then rapidly clicks away, or opens a different users’ profile picture and rapidly swipes down. 

In order to block Facebook from infiltrating your camera, Maddux has suggested turning off camera access in your smartphone’s settings – the area where the app is attempting to use the camera will then show up as black. 

Although it seems like a bug of some sort, the issue has sparked worry among users who have flocked to Twitter to share their concerns. 


The issue raises questions regarding Facebook users’ privacy, as the app is not asking for permission prior to using the individual’s camera nor does it notify them when the camera is activated. 

Rene Ritchie shared, ‘Bug or feature, Facebook keeps immolating itself when it comes to dignity and privacy’.

The social media giant has been under fire for its lack of privacy concerns over the past year, following an incident were the firm sold data from 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica in 2018.

Users were left baffled when they found that thousands of software plugins for Facebook have been gathering their data.

Some of the better known apps that may be connected to your profile include those of popular sites like Amazon, Buzzfeed, Expedia, Etsy, Instagram, Spotify and Tinder.

However, Facebook CEO revealed in May of this year he and his team are are working on a privacy-focused redesign.


Facebook hopes that the new redesign will encourage users to spend more time interacting in smaller, more intimate groups — such as available through their various private instant messaging apps.

However, the latest ‘bug’ that lets Facebook access a user’s iPhone may have more deleting the app than using it.

-Daily Mail